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Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Almond Truffles - Moroccan "Zellige" cookie variation4.35MediumDesserts
Amlou - Moroccan Almond Dip with Argan Oil3.53EasySauces
Apples and Figs Pastries4.36MediumPastry
Avocado Figs Smoothie - Moroccan beverage2.57MediumDrinks
Baghrir - Moroccan Sweet Crepes5.13MediumPastry
Baked Fish Filet Essaouira Style4.23MediumFish
Banana Bread6.27EasyCakes
Beef Green Peas and ArtichokeTajine7.37HardLarge pot
Beignets - Best Doughnuts3.54MediumPastry
Briwat - Moroccan Cookies6.44HardPastry
Calamari with Tomato Sauce - Moroccan Style2.24MediumSeafood
Carrot Macharmal - Moroccan Spiced Carrot Salad4.22EasySalad
Chebakia - Moroccan Sweet6.56HardPastry
Cherry Clafoutis4.29MediumDesserts
Chicken Chorba4.20MediumChicken
Chicken Essaouira Style - Chicken Souiri3.50MediumChicken
Chicken Tajine with Carrots3.54MediumLarge pot
Chicken Tajine with Olives2.31MediumLarge pot
Chicken with Olives - Moroccan Tajine5.52HardChicken
Chickpea Flan Karane3.33MediumDesserts
Chocolate Biscuit Cake5.20EasyCakes
Chocolate Charlotte7.11EasyCakes
Chocolate Easter Eggs4.56MediumDesserts
Chocolate Fondant4.42MediumDesserts
Chocolate Peanut Rocks2.24EasyDesserts
Chocolate Strawberry Bites - Valentines4.31MediumDesserts
Chocolate Surprise2.24MediumDesserts
Cornish Hens Stuffed with Couscous - Valentines5.52HardChicken
Cornish Hens with Prunes3.34MediumChicken
Cream Cheese Chocolate Brownies5.02HardCakes
Crème caramel (flan)4.42MediumDesserts
Crepe Cake5.34HardCakes
Date Almond Truffles2.19MediumPastry
Dates with Marzipan2.01MediumDesserts
Death by Chocolate Mousse3.43MediumDesserts
Dried Fruit Smoothies2.46MediumDrinks
Easy Lentil Soup2.03EasySoup
Far Breton - Prune Cake5.12MediumCakes
Fava Bean Dip3.57EasySauces
Fava Beans with Charmoula4.38MediumVegetables
Fekkas - Moroccan Cookie6.12MediumPastry
Festive Ice Cream Cake6.01MediumCakes
Frangipane Fruit Tart - Thanksgiving Specials4.30MediumDesserts
French Crêpes5.23MediumPastry
French Lemon Soufflé7.52MediumDesserts
French Toasts - Kids Special3.49EasyOthers
Fried Meat Potato Pockets6.22MediumPastry
Fruit Pastries5.56EasyPastry
Ghriba - Moroccan Cookies3.16MediumPastry
Ginger Juice1.25EasyDrinks
Haitian Rice with Red Beans3.34MediumRice
Harcha - Moroccan Ramadan Special bread3.09MediumPastry
Harcha - Moroccan Semolina Bread3.48MediumPastry
Harira - Moroccan Ramadan Soup5.21MediumSoup
Healthy Mexican Bean Salad5.14EasySalad
Kab El Ghazal - Moroccan Almond Cookies5.32MediumPastry
Kebda M'Chermla - Moroccan Lamb Liver in Spiced Sauce2.35MediumMeat
Krachel - Moroccan Sweet Breads4.17MediumPastry
Laasida - Moroccan Eid Breakfast2.19MediumOthers
Lamb and Cauliflower Tajine7.56HardLarge pot

2 Cooking Tips by
Chef Alia
Cooking TipsCategoryMin
Freezing FruitsCakes2.35
How to Cut a PomegranateDesserts1.37

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