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Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Acorn Squash Stuffed with Spicy Apples2.10MediumVegetables
All-American Cheeseburger3.09MediumMeat
amaican Jerk Chicken4.39HardChicken
Apple Berry Crisp2.05MediumDesserts
Apple Honey Shake0.54EasyDrinks
Apple Raisin Bread Pudding1.47MediumDesserts
Artichoke Dip0.58EasyOthers
Bacon Wrapped Scallops1.56EasySeafood
Baja Fish Tacos2.29MediumFish
Baked Camembert with Fruit Appetizer Recipe2.49EasyPastry
BBQ Ribs2.04MediumMeat
Beef Bourguignonne2.05MediumLarge pot
Beef Wellington4.22HardMeat
Beef Wellington3.15MediumMeat
Beer Can Chicken2.43MediumChicken
Bernaise Sauce1.36EasySauces
Bison Burger3.20MediumMeat
Bison Kabobs with Cous Cous2.08MediumMeat
Bison Steak Frites3.28MediumMeat
Black Bean Salsa2.29MediumSalad
Blueberry Mojito1.43MediumDrinks
Brussels Sprouts1.06EasyVegetables
Campfire Corn with Herb Butter2.52EasyVegetables
Candied Walnut-Brie Pockets3.10MediumPastry
Caribbean grilled Shrimp and pineapple skewers2.47MediumSeafood
Carrot Pecan Wild Rice2.01MediumRice
Cedar plank salmon3.16MediumFish
Chicken, Lamb and Beef Sliders3.06MediumMeat
Chimichurri Sauce1.19EasySauces
Chocolate Chip Waffles Recipe1.54MediumPastry
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups2.36MediumPastry
Chocolate Pecan Pie1.26HardPie
Chocolate Pot de Creme0.56EasySauces
Classic BBQ Chicken4.17MediumChicken
Classic Fondue1.48EasyCheese
Classic Macaroni Salad1.30MediumSalad
Classic Vichyssoise1.43MediumSoup
Cold Cucumber Soup2.19EasySoup
Corn Pudding1.38MediumOthers
Cornbread Stuffing1.05EasyOthers
Country Potato Salad2.45MediumSalad
Cranberry Cornish Hens Dinner2.03MediumChicken
Cranberry Orange Bread2.14MediumPastry
Cranberry Sauce Recipe0.58EasySauces
Cuban Pork and Plantains3.51MediumMeat
Curried Pear Soup3.21MediumSoup
Deviled Chicken with Roasted Vegetables2.35MediumChicken
Deviled Eggs1.18EasyOthers
Duck Breast on Orange Leek Sweet Potato Puree3.09MediumChicken
Egg Pasta3.21EasyPasta
Eggnog Grog Drink1.33MediumDrinks
Eggplant Salad2.34MediumVegetables
French Onion Soup1.44MediumSoup
Fresh Fruit Milk Shake0.59EasyDrinks
Fresh Herb Vinaigrette1.13EasySauces
Frozen margarita1.14MediumDrinks
Garlic Mashed Potatoes 1.04EasyVegetables
Gazpacho Soup3.28EasySoup
Gingerbread Cookies3.30MediumPastry
Gingered Carrots with Dates1.24EasyVegetables

8 Cooking Tips by
Cooking TipsCategoryMin
Cuts of Pork ChopsMeat2.16
Cuts of Prime BeefMeat3.45
How to Carve a TurkeyChicken2.15
How to Clean Your GrillEquipment1.55
How to Grill ChickenChicken2.28
How to Grill PorkMeat2.46
How To Julienne VegetablesVegetables2.50
How To Make GravySauces2.44

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