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Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Almond Biscotti5.46MediumPastry
Aloo Gobi - Potato Cauliflower curry5.18MediumRice
Amazing Gnocchi9.55MediumPasta
Ambrosia - orange, honey and coconut dessert 2.07EasyDesserts
Angel Food Cake9.41HardCakes
Apple Salad4.15EasySalad
Apricot Almond Tart9.52HardDesserts
Artichoke and asparagus salad3.57EasySalad
Arugula, Bacon and Apple Salad3.33EasySalad
Asian Cabbage Salad3.41EasySalad
Asparagus creamy Soup6.18MediumSoup
Asparagus wrapped in bacon3.10EasyVegetables
Baba Ghanouj - Eggplant dip7.32MediumSauces
Bacon wrapped cod6.41MediumFish
Baked Ziti (Pasta)6.09EasyPasta
Baklava - Marocan sweet flaky pastry9.06HardPastry
Banana Cream Pie7.09HardPie
Basic Crostini toast2.45EasyOthers
beef and bok choy9.34MediumMeat
Beef and Broccoli stir fry7.39MediumMeat
Beef and Veggie Stir Fry9.23MediumMeat
Beef and Yorkshire Pudding9.48HardMeat
Beef Barley Vegetable Stew5.58HardLarge pot
Beef Wellingtons, Part19.55HardMeat
Beef Wellingtons, Part24.00HardMeat
Beer Bread5.35MediumPastry
Berbere - African fiery spice blend (sauce)6.34EasySauces
Bi Bim Bop -Beef and vegetable over rice8.52HardMeat
Bison - Grilled steaks in herb marinade3.34EasyMeat
Black Bean Veggie Stew6.34MediumVegetables
Black Bean, Pepper and Corn Salad2.55EasySalad
Black beans Cuban style3.23MediumVegetables
Blackberry Coulis3.55EasySauces
Blueberry Crisp7.54MediumDesserts
Boeuf bourguignon8.17MediumMeat
Bowtie Pasta with veggies and cheese4.14MediumPasta
Braised Beef Short Ribs6.29MediumMeat
Brownies - with dark chocolate7.42MediumDesserts
Brussels Sprout Toss with bacon3.14EasyVegetables
Butterscotch Pudding5.51MediumDesserts
California Roll (Sushi)7.10MediumOthers
California Steak and Bean Burrito6.09MediumMeat
Caramelized Onion and Sage Puffs7.19MediumPastry
Cauliflower Savory Cheese Tart7.56MediumCheese
Celeriac Soup5.14MediumSoup
Channa Dal with veggies6.06MediumVegetables
Cheese Biscuits7.29MediumCheese
Cheese cake new york style8.58MediumCakes
Cheese Souffle9.50MediumCheese
cherry cookie.wmv6.52MediumPastry
Chestnut sage and apple stuffing6.04MediumPastry
Chicken and Dumplings4.32MediumLarge pot
Chicken Biryani6.13MediumChicken
Chicken Cordon Bleu6.32HardChicken
Chicken Enchiliadas8.11MediumChicken
Chicken on the Grill6.46MediumChicken
Chicken Parmesan2.07MediumChicken
Chicken Parmigiano7.55MediumChicken

2 Cooking Tips by
Cooking TipsCategoryMin
Cooking Philosophy, and 10 TipsGeneral4.05
Shredded ChickenChicken3.24

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