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Manjulas kitchen cooking video recipes

Chefs Videos: 144
Video recipes by Manjulas kitchen
Chef Website: Manjulas kitchen
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Achari Paneer6.12MediumCheese
Almond Cashew Burfi4.52MediumOthers
Aloo Baingan, Potatoes and Eggplant7.51MediumVegetables
Aloo Dum (Potatoes Curry)8.03MediumVegetables
Aloo Gobi Recipe7.03MediumVegetables
Aloo Mattar -Potatoes and Peas6.21MediumVegetables
Aloo Naan (Stuffed Potato Naan Bread)9.38MediumPastry
Aloo Parathas Recipe9.19MediumPastry
Apple Crumb Pie Recipe6.01MediumPie
Asparagus with Ginger4.12MediumVegetables
Badam Burfi - Almond Candy7.49MediumDesserts
Baingan Bharta (Eggplant Curry)6.53EasyVegetables
Baklava Roll9.19HardPastry
Battura Recipe9.27MediumPastry
Bengali Rasgulla Recipe9.52MediumCheese
Besan (Gram Flour) Puda (Dosa)7.23MediumPastry
Besan Ladoo Recipe6.33MediumPastry
Besan Paare (Spicy Indian Crackers)7.33MediumPastry
Bhindi Masala - Spicy Okra Recipe6.50MediumVegetables
Black Eyed Pea Salad4.59EasySalad
Black Eyed Peas5.45MediumVegetables
Bread Pakora Recipe8.04MediumPastry
Butter Paneer Masala8.11MediumCheese
Cabbage Chana Dal Salad5.25MediumSalad
Cabbage Kofta (Dumplings in Gravy)9.37MediumVegetables
Cabbage Pizza Recipe9.35MediumPastry
Cabbage with Peas (Bund Gobi and Matar)5.14MediumVegetables
Carrots with Peas -Indian dish4.22MediumVegetables
Cauliflower Pickle3.17MediumVegetables
Chola (Chana Masala)5.40MediumVegetables
Chola Tikki Recipe8.25MediumOthers
Chole Chaat - Spicy Chickpeas6.17MediumVegetables
Chole Palak (Spinach Chick Pea Curry)5.37MediumVegetables
Coconut Burfi Recipe6.52MediumPastry
Coconut Chutney7.12MediumSauces
Coconut Chutney7.12EasySauces
Corn Veggie Soup Recipe9.02MediumSoup
Creamy Spinach Pasta6.06MediumPasta
Crispy Spinach Pakoras5.48MediumVegetables
Dahi Vada Recipe9.00HardOthers
Dal Makhani Recipe5.50MediumVegetables
Dhokla (Suji - Semolina)8.53HardPastry
Easy Falafel Sandwich9.04EasyOthers
Eggless Pineapple Cake6.20MediumCakes
Finger Sandwiches8.37EasyOthers
Fried Yellow Rice5.30MediumRice
Fruit Cream Recipe4.12MediumDesserts
Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)7.00MediumDesserts
Gatte Ke Kadhi8.42MediumOthers
Gobi Paratha Recipe9.06HardPastry
Green Beans and Peas4.38MediumVegetables
Grilled Tofu Sandwich6.17EasyOthers
Gujia Recipe9.54MediumPastry
Gulab Jamun, Indian Sweet Dessert9.57HardDesserts
Hari Chutney - Cilantro Chutney3.35EasySauces
Homemade Yogurt5.27MediumCheese
How to make Paneer 6.01HardCheese
Indian Sweets: Peda Recipe7.41MediumDesserts
Indian Tamarind Chutney7.21MediumSauces
Jalebi (Sweet) Recipe9.18HardPastry

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