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Video recipes by Rob Barrett
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Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Ahi Tuna Burger6.10MediumFish
Apple Cider Flat Bread8.34MediumPastry
Asiany peanut butter steak8.44MediumMeat
Avocado Encrusted Chicken Sandwich4.32MediumPastry
Beer (or cola) Marinated Steak5.40EasyMeat
Beer or Coke Steak- Father's Day1.06MediumPastry
Butter Lime Shrimp5.28MediumSeafood
Cajun Langostino or Shrimp burger4.43MediumSeafood
Chadian Pasta - from Chad Africa5.33MediumPasta
Cheesy Chicken, peas and potatoes part17.05MediumChicken
Cheesy Chicken, peas and potatoes part27.07MediumChicken
Chicken Quesadillas3.20MediumChicken
Chicken Roll Ups9.26MediumChicken
Chopped steak and pineapple salad15.13MediumSalad
Christmas Appetizers4.26EasyOthers
Christmas fas Cookie Recipe2.29EasyPastry
Coconut Pecan Apple Crisp11.23EasyDesserts
Coconut shrimp - Valentine's Day dinner10.04MediumSeafood
coconut Tilapia fish - Cooking for dads7.12EasyFish
Cook a turkey, Cooking for Dads10.00MediumChicken
cooking for dads Pizza Night! part17.10MediumPastry
cooking for dads Pizza Night! part25.54MediumPastry
Cream of Mushroom Soup7.35EasySoup
Crispy Rice Tortilla4.23MediumRice
Flank Steak, with healthy French Fries16.30MediumMeat
Fresh Grilled Tomato Sauce6.25MediumSauces
Fresh salsa - Pico de gallo5.09EasySauces
Fresh salsa - Pico de gallo5.09MediumSauces
Fried But Still Low-Fat Teriyaki wings11.59MediumChicken
Ginger Green Tea2.17EasyDrinks
Grilled Pizza - Cooking Light3.08EasyPastry
Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu5.57MediumChicken
Holiday Ham with Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes 12.47MediumMeat
Kabobs - Satay and peanut sauce12.40MediumMeat
KickaCajun Shrimp Burger4.43MediumSeafood
leftover Turkey calzone6.40EasyChicken
Lemon Steak4.34MediumMeat
Low Fat Chicken Cordon Bleu3.22HardChicken
Macaroni and Cheese7.29MediumPasta
Melts - tuna, crab, and chicken7.23MediumOthers
Olive oil Bread8.23MediumPastry
Party Appetizers part2 (shrimp, ham and cheece)10.19MediumOthers
Party Appetizers ptart1 (shrimp, ham and cheece)10.15MediumOthers
Peanut Butter - salmonella free...2.40EasySauces
Peanut Butter Steak8.44MediumMeat
Pecan Salmon11.28EasyFish
Pesto Pasta3.17MediumPasta
Prime Rib8.41MediumMeat
Prime Rib - Christmas Roast Beast8.40MediumMeat
Prime Rib Cooking in salt12.52MediumMeat
Raspbery Mango Lemonade6.35EasyDrinks
Red Bull Salad and Red Bull Chicken4.35MediumChicken
Red Pepper and Sausage Pasta part15.22MediumPasta
Red Pepper and Sausage Pasta part25.54MediumPasta
Rice Bowls7.35EasyRice
Seafood and Steak Chili4.55MediumLarge pot
Sesame Ginger Chicken9.51MediumChicken
Sloppy Joe Bowls6.28MediumMeat
Stuffed Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice 3.20MediumDesserts
Super Bowl Party Snacks partt17.50MediumOthers

4 Cooking Tips by
Rob Barrett
Cooking TipsCategoryMin
How to Cook a TurkeyChicken11.08
How to Grill a SteakMeat8.20
How to peel a pomegranateDesserts3.22
How To Set Off Your Smoke DetectorMeat2.16

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