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Low Fat Video Recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
A Bison Steak Frites5.37MediumMeat
A healthier version of Pho7.30MediumSoup
Ahi Tuna Burger6.10MediumFish
Allie's Tuna Salad3.38EasySalad
Almond Crusted Tilapia3.37MediumFish
Almost Instant chicken Fajitas1.59EasyChicken
An easy Cuban Recipe for Rice3.05EasyRice
Angel Food Cake9.41HardCakes
Aromatic Curry and Spice Chicken9.58MediumChicken
Arugula Salad1.00EasySalad
Asian Beef Salad4.10MediumSalad
Asian Inspired Seared Salmon With Mango Puree9.47HardFish
Asian Noodle Salad4.06MediumSalad
Avocado Chicken Salad5.55EasySalad
Baked Chicken Strips0.47EasyChicken
Baked Cod and Microwave Salmon2.16EasyFish
Baked Fish Fillets1.21EasyFish
Baked Rice9.00MediumRice
Baked Salmon Mutard9.27EasyFish
Balsamic Dressing on a Tuscan Summer Salad5.41MediumSalad
Banana Nut French Toast2.34MediumOthers
Barbecue Tempeh5.39MediumOthers
Barbecue Turkey Tenderloins7.31MediumChicken
Basmati Rice in 5 minutes6.15EasyRice
BBQ Soy - Ginger Wild Salmon2.43MediumFish
Bean and Rice Cakes8.32MediumRice
Bean Salad Recipe5.33EasySalad
Beef & Mango Salsa Wraps3.48MediumSalad
Beef in a Bag3.58MediumMeat
Bison and Vegetable Kabobs with Cous Cous Salad6.41MediumMeat
Black Bean and Corn Salad3.13MediumSalad
Black Bean Salsa - Healthy Food8.05MediumSauces
Black Forest Trifle2.41HardDesserts
Boneless Chicken Breasts0.57EasyChicken
Braised Chicken9.19MediumChicken
Braised Mushrooms and Vegetables6.40MediumVegetables
Bran Muffins4.20EasyPastry
Bread Pudding9.08MediumDesserts
Broccoli Salad3.29EasySalad
Brocolli and Carrot With Sesame Seeds1.00EasyVegetables
Brown Rice Breakfast2.54EasyRice
Bulgogi and Bulgogi Stew10.10MediumMeat
Buttermilk salad Dressing1.49EasySauces
Cabbage with Apples4.00MediumVegetables
Calamari with Tomato Sauce - Moroccan Style2.24MediumSeafood
Caribbean Halibut4.14MediumFish
Caribbean Spiced mackerel with green bananas4.06MediumFish
Caribbean Tuna Sou sky9.35MediumFish
Cauliflower Pickle3.17MediumVegetables
Chard Soup1.41MediumSoup
Chardonnay and Grilled Littleneck Clams2.59MediumSeafood
Cheesecake with Gluten-Free Crust1.21HardCakes
Cheesy Chicken & Salsa Skillet2.39MediumChicken
Cheesy Chicken Crunchers2.09MediumChicken
Chekkalu -Rice cracker Snack4.59MediumOthers
Chicken Adobo4.07MediumChicken
Chicken Asparagus Pepper Stir Fry3.01MediumChicken
Chicken Fingers8.29MediumChicken
Chicken Lettuce Wraps8.18MediumChicken
Chicken Mexicano9.13MediumChicken
Chicken Noodle Soup5.00MediumSoup

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