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Bundts, sheets or layered, cakes come in all shapes and styles. Do you prefer the creamy goodness of a custard-filled creation, the natural purity of an unadorned pound cake or something in between? One that melts in your mouth or is crispy and crunchy? Whether made with chocolate, cheese or fruit, cakes always make your day sweeter. With our vast collection of easy2cook cake recipe videos you can create your own masterpiece

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
Almond Cake by Ina PaarmanIna Paarman Kitchen8.50
Almond CakesChef Mary5.07
Almond Pound CakeAndre Prost1.38
Amaretto Cafe Cream BrowniesSue Mallick9.47
Amazing Cheese CakeDyannBakes9.57
Angel Food CakeIlovetocookalot9.41
Angel Food CakeThe Frugal Chef7.50
Angel Lush cakeKraftfoods2.43
Apple - Chestnut cakeChef Mary6.16
Apple - Cinnamon CakeChef Mary7.04
Apple and Honey CakeEasy2Cook.TV2.19
Apple Bundt CakeBilly Parisi4.34
Apple CakeEconomy Bites 
Apple CakeMichael Clark7.27
Apple Cinnamon Granola BreadAngie2.34
Apple Coffee CakeAngie4.18
Apple MuffinsThe Frugal Chef4.07
Apple Mummies for HalloweenThe Frugal Chef6.02
Apple Sauce CakeBilly Parisi2.50
Apple Streusel MuffinsAngie2.44
Apple Turnover CakeChef Mary5.08
Avocado Chocolate Cupcakeskooktocook1.00
Baby Rattle CupcakesNicko's Kitchen1.50
Bake CheesecakeThe Frugal Chef5.17
Baked cheesecake with blueberriesCookingHalal4.35
Banana BreadOnePotChef3.33
Banana BreadChef Sanjay3.28
Banana BreadChef Alia6.27
Banana Bread (with walnuts and dates)ItsYourTurnToCook4.16
Banana Bread with Chocolate ChunkEconomy Bites5.03
Banana CakeAngie3.47
Banana Cake with Caramel IcingMichael Clark8.49
Banana Cake with Carmel IcingMichael Clark8.49
Banana Cake With Icingkooktocook1.00
Banana Chocolate Chip MuffinsAngie1.45
Banana Chocolate Chip Snack CakeAngie2.52
Banana Nut Bread with Lemon Sugar GlazeBetty's Kitchen10.06
Basic CupcakesOnePotChef4.19
Basic Marble CakePakistani Cooking4.00
Basic White CupcakeSue Mallick6.59
Battenburgh cakeLesley films9.56
Beer Spiced CakeTheVittleVlog2.43
Beetroot chocolate fudge cakeCookingHalal1.49
Berry Bliss CakeKraftfoods2.37
Berry Cheesecake ParfaitsKraftfoods2.29
Bird Coffee Cake with Oatmeal StreuselBilly Parisi2.07
Birthday CupcakesBetty's Kitchen10.49
BirthdayTinkerbell CupcakesNicko's Kitchen2.02
Biscuit CakeHetal and Anuja8.28
Black Forest Cake - Whip CreamJamaica Crist0.53

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