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Chicken & Poultry Recipes Videos

Poultry is an extremely versatile food, and is delicious whether fried, roasted or sautéed! Our poultry section includes recipes for the different parts of chicken, turkey, duck and goose. We will show you how to create either a casual meal or an elegant banquet. View our diverse collection of easy2cook poultry recipe videos and choose your favorite.

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967 Cooking videos:
Video RecipesVideo byMin
After-Thanksgiving TurkeyChef Melissa2.37
Almond ChickenEatEastIndian3.35
Almost Instant chicken FajitasCooking With Kids1.59
amaican Jerk ChickenHolidaykitchen4.39
American Chicken and DumplingsMichael Clark8.41
American Chop SueyTheVittleVlog3.24
An Adobo Half Chickenkooktocook1.00
Andhra Chicken PulaoChef Sanjay5.43
Andong Braised ChickenAeri's kitchen3.36
Andrea's perfect chicken curryAndreasCurryMagic4.12
Apple Sesame ChickenThe Frugal Chef2.57
Apricot ChickenMichael Clark3.07
Aromatic Curry and Spice ChickenSue Mallick9.58
Arroz con PolloJenny Cooks4.36
Arroz Con Pollo Y FrijolesEconomy Bites6.09
Asian Chicken WrapsBilly Parisi4.26
Asian Style Seared Duck BreastBilly Parisi2.54
Bacon and Peppers Chickenkooktocook1.00
Bacon Chicken SticksThe BBQ Pit Boys14.55
Bacon Wrap Chickenkooktocook1.00
Bacon-Jalapeño Chicken Fingerskooktocook1.00
Bacon-Sausage Turkey Legskooktocook1.00
Badami ChickenChef Sanjay5.36
Baked Chicken and Mango CurryAndreasCurryMagic5.55
Baked Chicken NuggetsNoreen's Kitchen9.43
Baked Chicken StripsCooking Guide0.47
Baked Honey ChickenCooking Guide0.43
Baked Hot WingsNoreen's Kitchen10.50
Baltimore's WBAL Chicken WingsChef Egg9.13
Barbecue ChickenChef John3.54
Barbecue Chicken LegsThe BBQ Pit Boys6.57
Barbecue Cornish Game Hen2MinuteChef3.40
Barbecue Turkey TenderloinsChef Gill Boyd7.31
Barbecued Chicken PacketKraftfoods2.22
Bar-B-Que ChickenChef Dave4.46
Basic spicy Chicken pickleChef Sanjay5.36
BBQ Beer Can ChickenChef Niall Harbison 3.38
BBQ Chicken Burgers with Thai Spices Scott Hargrove15.28
BBQ Chicken Hash in a Dutch OvenChef Dave10.45
BBQ Chicken in Sweet Country Herbskooktocook1.00
BBQ Chicken on the Open FlameBilly Parisi2.28
BBQ Chicken RecipeChef Jason Hill3.44
BBQ Chicken Split Roasted StyleThe BBQ Pit Boys7.20
BBQ Chicken Wings and Potato SaladCooksForCooks8.33
BBQ Chicken with Home-Made Barbeque SauceHeather Johnston4.19
BBQ Coffee Chickenkooktocook1.00
BBQ Grilled Chicken KebobsKraftfoods2.33
BBQ Peanut Butter Jelly Wingskooktocook1.00
BBQ Pineapple Wingskooktocook1.00
BBQ Smokehouse Maple ChickenThe BBQ Pit Boys6.00

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