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Drinks & Beverage Recipes Videos

Beverages can simply quench your thirst or be used set a mood. Soft drinks, juices and punches can be simple or complex. Hot drinks can range from a chaste cocoa with marshmallows to an intoxicating toddy. Our extensive collection of easy to prepare beverage recipe videos will give you a wide range of choices.

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
007 Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.13
A Perfect Bloody MaryGoodHousekeeping0.43
A piece of ass cocktail drink recipeBarschool.com1.45
Absolute Sex Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.29
Adios Mother Fucker DrinkBarschool.com3.06
Alabama Slammer Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com2.45
Almond Saffron MilkVasantha Prasad3.52
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Mixed DrinkBarschool.com2.35
Antioxidant SmoothieDiethealth2.39
Apple Honey ShakeHolidaykitchen0.54
Apple Pie Margarita 2 Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com2.35
Apple Pie Margarita Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com2.35
Appletini Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com3.09
Apricot DrinkMimi Cooks3.25
Aquatini Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com1.53
Arnold Palmer Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.34
Avocado Figs Smoothie - Moroccan beverageChef Alia2.57
B 52 Shooter Cocktail RecipeBarschool.com3.38
Bacardi and Santa Coke (Cola)Nikko and Tina1.53
Bad Habit Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.26
Badam Milk - Almond ShakeChef Sanjay2.10
Bahama Mama Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com3.17
Bald Pussy Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.40
Banana Cream Pie Cocktial Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.31
Banana Latte SmoothieSue Mallick2.44
Banana Milk shakeChef Mary4.52
Banshee Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com2.17
Bay Breeze Cocktail DrinkBarschool.com1.28
Bellini - Drink recipeBarschool.com1.57
Berry SmoothieHetal and Anuja2.07
Berry Yogurt Smoothie with GranolaBilly Parisi1.37
Beso cocktailkissingcuisine11.51
Best Margarita Recipe & MixChef Brian5.19
Bikini Martini - CornersSouth Floridadines0.57
Black Halloween PunchSue Mallick6.04
Black Russian Drink RecipeBarschool.com3.36
Blackberry cream shakekooktocook1.00
Blended SaladsKaiserSantaRosa5.06
Bloody Caesarkooktocook1.00
Bloody Marykissingcuisine11.37
Bloody Mary Cocktait Drink RecipeBarschool.com3.40
Blow Job Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.41
Blue Hawaii Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.36
Blue Lagoon Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.36
Blue Samari DrinkSouth Floridadines0.46
Blueberry Coconut SmoothieChef Keith Snow2.44
Blueberry MojitoHolidaykitchen1.43
Blueberry YogurtKaiserSantaRosa2.59
Brain Eraser Cocktial Drink RecipeBarschool.com1.36
Brandy Alexander Cocktail Drink RecipeBarschool.com3.48

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