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In this category you will find mostly eggs and eggs products but also all kind of video recipe that doesn't fit to any other category like Cous Cous or polenta recipes, Sandwiches or bagel recipes, Granola, Bacon or Tofu recipes. Watch our huge collection of easy to cook recipes videos.

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
A Loaded Potato CasseroleChef John2.56
After Easter Cheddar Ham CasseroleBetty's Kitchen8.55
Almond Butter and BerriesChef Caitlin2.24
Almond butter sandwichKas Cooks1.03
Almond Cashew BurfiManjulas kitchen4.52
America's Favorite Grilled Cheese SandwichKraftfoods1.04
AntipastaChef Egg1.15
Apple Bars snackSue Mallick9.29
Arepas - Venezuelan SandwichChef John3.18
Artichoke DipHolidaykitchen0.58
Asian Spring RollsChef Kai4.37
Asparagus & Herb OmelletDani Spies3.30
Authentic Sichuan-style Ma Po TofuYeQiang10.00
Avocado and Goat Cheese SandwichesChef Kirk Leins5.07
Bacon & Leek Baked EggsNikko and Tina8.40
Bacon and EggIna Paarman Kitchen3.38
Bacon and Eggs on a Wood StoveDavid Hart2.31
Bacon and Super Scrambled EggBetty's Kitchen9.27
Bacon Bagel YummerNikko and Tina5.32
Bacon Cheese Dogkooktocook1.00
Bacon Cheese FriesThe BBQ Pit Boys5.19
Bacon Cheese Hotdogs & Stuffed Sausages BBQThe BBQ Pit Boys9.45
Bacon Egg Cheese Pancakekooktocook1.00
Bacon Sandwich 'Lite'kooktocook1.00
Bacon Sandwich -Litekooktocook1.00
Bacon Tart and Cava for the HolidaysHeather Johnston8.36
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus2MinuteChef4.00
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast CasseroleBetty's Kitchen9.52
Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean BundlesBetty's Kitchen5.42
Bad Boy FrittataNicko's Kitchen7.33
'Bagel' Breakfast Sandwichkooktocook1.00
Bagel Pastrami Sandwichkooktocook1.00
Bagel PizzaChef Egg3.52
Baked BreakfastMichelle Koen6.19
Bakin Bits - Vegan Bacon bitsEveryDayDish3.27
Banana Core CurryHippy Gourmet6.04
Banana Nut French ToastDiethealth2.34
Banana Sandwichkooktocook1.00
Barbecue TempehChef Gill Boyd5.39
Barley TabboulehSue Mallick9.32
Basic Crostini toastIlovetocookalot2.45
Basic OmletteChef Sanjay4.07
Batata Vada - potato pancakeHetal and Anuja5.41
Bean and Cheese EnchiladasHetal and Anuja9.31
Beef SamosaSheba Fehmi6.44
Beef and Cheese EnchiladasBetty's Kitchen8.46
Beef Dip Sandwichkooktocook1.00
Benedictine Finger SandwichesBetty's Kitchen5.12
Bento (Japanese Boxed Lunch)CookingWithDog6.31
Bhel Puri (Chaat)Hetal and Anuja3.10

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