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The pasta was originated in Chinese, perfected in Italy and have roots in the Bible; Pasta is the ultimate carbohydrates comfort food. Today, Pasta comes in all shapes and forms: plat stuffed or granulated, maid with flour, potatoes, rice or eggs (Noodles), and served with all types of sauces or stir-fried with vegetables.

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
Italian Vegetarian Penne PastaHetal and Anuja7.21
Aglio e Olio LinguineChef Bow9.09
Amazing GnocchiIlovetocookalot9.55
Andrea Bocelli's Favorite Pasta DishTanji Patton3.18
Baked Macaroni and CheeseBetty's Kitchen9.45
Baked ManicottiKraftfoods2.13
Baked Penne RigateBetty's Kitchen9.52
Baked Ziti (Pasta)Ilovetocookalot6.09
Baked Ziti (penne)Chef Keith Snow4.56
BBQ lasagnaBBQTV4.36
Beef LasagneOnePotChef9.54
Beefy Italian CasseroleBetty's Kitchen9.53
Best-Tasting LasagnaBetty's Kitchen10.55
Black Pudding & Apple RavioliCooksForCooks2.09
Blue Willow PastaEveryDayDish9.22
Bowtie Pasta with veggies and cheeseIlovetocookalot4.14
Broccoli Garlic Angel Hair PastaChef John4.30
Bronze Three Cheese Ravioli South Floridadines2.14
Brown Noodles RecipeBetty's Kitchen5.48
Bukkake Udon (Japanese Cold Udon Noodles)CookingWithDog5.30
Burgul with NoodlesChef Dede6.35
Butternut Mascarpone GnocchiChef John6.03
Butternut RavioliMichael Clark9.43
Butternut Squash and Cheese TortelliniSue Mallick10.20
Butternut Squash RavioliChef Keith Snow4.57
Butternut Squash RavioliMichael Clark9.43
Butternut squash RavioliUKTVFoodChannel6.09
Caffe Luna Rosa Homemade PastaSouth Floridadines4.56
Cannelloni with Ricota and SpinachChef Mary8.25
Cannelloni!Chef John2.58
Carbonara PastaTastyfoodtv3.08
Casa Betty Burritos RecipeBetty's Kitchen10.00
Cauliflower Spaghetti Aglio OlioChef Jean-Pierre5.27
Chadian Pasta - from Chad AfricaRob Barrett5.33
Cheddar Cheese Stuffed ManicottiBetty's Kitchen9.27
Cheese LasagnaNikko and Tina3.57
Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Sage SauceSue Mallick6.43
Chicken Asiago Orzo PastaChef John2.53
Chicken Broccoli PastaChef Brian9.58
Chicken Chow Mein - stir fried noodlesYeQiang8.58
Chicken Fettuccine AlfredoChef John4.06
Chicken PrimaveraSouth Floridadines1.04
Chicken Satay NoodlesNicko's Kitchen3.15
Chili Mac and Cheese Skillet CasseroleBetty's Kitchen9.04
Chinese Noodles - Indo Chinese RecipeHetal and Anuja6.13
Chinese- stir fried noodleChef Kai3.43
Chorizo PastaUKTVFoodChannel4.19
Chow meinChef Kai3.20
Chuncheon - Korean alfredoTamar19735.12
Classic Fettucini Al FredoIlovetocookalot6.19

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