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Made out of dough, sweetened or salty, Here you will find all kind of baked goods. Bread, Tarts or Dumplings. Pizza, Tortilla and Brochette, As well as sweet sweet pastries like Muffins, Danish, Pancakes, or Cookies. Just click and Watch our huge collection of easy to cook Pastry recipes on videos.

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5 star sweet Diwali recipeCookeryShow5.14
Aaloo (Potato) Paratha (Bread)Pakistani Cooking4.30
Aaloo Puri VegetarianSheba Fehmi5.20
Adai - Lentil CrepesHetal and Anuja5.59
Almond BiscottiIlovetocookalot5.46
Almond Cinnamon Crescent RollsAndre Prost0.58
Almond Cream CookiesNoreen's Kitchen9.30
Almond PalmiersAndre Prost2.49
Almond Paste Pie TechniqueAndre Prost0.52
Almond Raspberry PinwheelsAndre Prost2.12
Almost No Knead Bread - Part 1Chef Eric7.51
Almost No Knead Bread - Part 2Chef Eric8.46
Aloha Party Pizza DogsChef Egg3.44
Aloo Naan (Stuffed Potato Naan Bread)Manjulas kitchen9.38
Aloo paratha -potato stuffed indian breadChef Sanjay7.52
Aloo Parathas RecipeManjulas kitchen9.19
Alternative PizzaStuart Reb Donald9.58
Anytime cookiesCookingHalal2.14
Anzac BiscuitsOnePotChef5.23
Anzec BiscuitsNicko's Kitchen4.32
Apple Cider Flat BreadRob Barrett8.34
Apple EnchiladasTheVittleVlog2.05
Apple Tartlets and a Yuck SauceJenny Cooks6.11
Applebee's-Style Blondies with Maple-Walnut SauceBetty's Kitchen6.44
Apples and Figs PastriesChef Alia4.36
Applesauce CakeAngie2.44
Apricot Cheese Coffee BreadAngie4.05
Asian Style Curry Chicken with RiceYeQiang5.09
Atayef (Qataieyf) Recipe - Stuffed PancakeChef Dede14.44
Autumn Pumpkin Molasses MuffinsBetty's Kitchen6.52
Avocado Encrusted Chicken SandwichRob Barrett4.32
Bacon Baked Barbecue Beans The BBQ Pit Boys7.40
Bacon Panini BreadsNicko's Kitchen4.35
Bacon Sweet Cornbread RecipeThe BBQ Pit Boys10.48
Baghrir - Moroccan Sweet CrepesChef Alia5.13
Baked Camembert with Fruit Appetizer RecipeHolidaykitchen2.49
BaklavaSue Mallick9.32
Baklava - Marocan sweet flaky pastryIlovetocookalot9.06
Baklava- Middle Eastern StyleMimi Cooks6.06
Baklava RollManjulas kitchen9.19
Baklava Rolls Mimi Cooks4.59
Baloo sahi - Indian sweetChef Sanjay5.34
Banana BreadKraftfoods5.23
Banana BreadAngie2.12
Banana Bread Mini Loaves With Pine Nutkooktocook1.00
Banana Cookieskooktocook1.00
Banana Nut Bread - Whole Wheat BreadHetal and Anuja5.53
Banana PancakesChef Jason Hill2.25
Banana PancakesOnePotChef5.49
Basbooseh -Arabic sweetsMimi Cooks5.11

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