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Rice is one of the most common products in world cuisine, and it provides more than one fifth of the food consumed by mankind worldwide. We cook rice by boiling or steaming it and let it absorb some liquids during cooking. We can see rice steamed, stir-fried, inside soups or in large pots and even in some kind of desserts.

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
Aloo Gobi - Potato Cauliflower curryIlovetocookalot5.18
Amazing White to Brown RiceBetty's Kitchen8.13
An easy Cuban Recipe for RiceRita Heikenfeld3.05
Asparagus RisottoJenny Cooks6.46
Baked Cheesy RicePowerplantop4.34
Baked Cheesy Rice and porkPowerplantop4.34
Baked RiceHetal and Anuja9.00
Basic Fried Rice Recipe with LambChris Toy5.19
Basil Chicken Fried Rice -Thai FoodDim Geefay7.51
Basmati RiceItsYourTurnToCook2.06
Basmati Rice in 5 minutesSheba Fehmi6.15
Basmati Rice with Sweet OnionsBilly Parisi3.29
Bayou RiceGaston Lang6.55
Bean and Rice CakesChef Gill Boyd8.32
Beans and RiceNoreen's Kitchen9.55
Beef fried RiceChef Kai6.06
Bibim Bap - Rice with vegegables and beefChef Cathlyn9.55
Black Bean, Pumpkin, and Spinach with RiceKas Cooks1.08
Black Glutinous RiceCooking with Nancy7.03
Bombay Chicken BiryaniSheba Fehmi6.34
Brown Rice BreakfastDiethealth2.54
Brown Rice in a Rice CookerCookusinterruptus2.34
Brown Rice RecipeChef Dede6.36
Brown Rice RecipeChef Dede6.36
Bubur Ayam - Rice Porridge with ChickenIndonesianFoods4.27
Bulgogi Kimchi Rice WrapChef Cathlyn9.59
Butternut Barley Risotto with Goat CheeseChef MD3.12
Butternut Squash & Chickpea Risottocooksforcooks1.40
Butternut Squash RisottoChef Keith Snow9.59
Cajun Recipes - Broccoli Rice CasseroleBeryl Stokes5.59
Cajun Red Beans and RiceBetty's Kitchen7.47
Cajun Rice DressingBeryl Stokes7.52
Cantonese RiceChef Mary8.17
Capsicum Masala RiceChef Sanjay4.47
Caramelized Onion and Basil RisottoBilly Parisi3.22
Carrot Pecan Wild RiceHolidaykitchen2.01
Chana MasalaEconomy Bites7.47
Chicken and Bacon RisottoOnePotChef5.06
Chicken BiryaniEatEastIndian10.54
Chicken Biryani (Rice dish)Chef Sanjay9.39
Chicken Fried RiceTheVittleVlog2.37
Chicken Fried RiceBetty's Kitchen9.37
Chicken Fried RiceChef Sanjay5.22
Chicken Fried RiceNikko and Tina3.15
Chili Beans and RiceBetty's Kitchen3.00
Chinese chicken fried riceChef Kai4.43
Chinese Fried RiceChef Peter Pang3.08
Chinese Rice DumplingsYeQiang5.29
Chinese Soft pork rice (congee)Chef Kai3.43

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