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The healthy choice - Salad Recipes Videos

Salads – the most healthy and natural appetizer to start your meal. Its a mixture of cold or hot ingredients, usually includes vegetables or fruits with dressing, and occasionally beef, cheese, fish, chicken or pasta. Toped with nuts, bread croutons, or whole grains- Salads are the crowning glory of the kitchen!

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
Veggie Relish RecipeBetty's Kitchen4.52
12 Second ColeslawChef John1.41
A Thai inspired salad Michelle Koen6.58
Allie's Tuna SaladEconomy Bites3.38
Ambrosia Delight SaladBetty's Kitchen7.20
Ampalaya SaladEasy P. Food 4.03
Apple Fennel Cole SlawBilly Parisi1.38
Apple Fennel SaladJenny Cooks3.25
Apple SaladIlovetocookalot4.15
Apple, Grape and Peanut SaladBetty's Kitchen5.39
Artichoke and asparagus saladIlovetocookalot3.57
Arugula Saladkooktocook1.00
Arugula SaladMimi Cooks3.46
Arugula Salad with Tofu DressingCookusinterruptus2.18
Arugula, Bacon and Apple SaladIlovetocookalot3.33
Asian Beef SaladRoger and Anna4.10
Asian Cabbage SaladIlovetocookalot3.41
Asian Noodle SaladNicko's Kitchen4.06
Asian salad with ginger sesame dressingChef Cathlyn9.58
Asparagus and Green Leaf Lettuce SaladChef Keith Snow2.36
Avocado and Seared Tuna Steak SaladKosher.com6.02
Avocado and Shrimp SalsaNikko and Tina2.47
Avocado appetizers and ginkgo nut skewersMaangchi3.33
Avocado Chicken SaladDiethealth5.55
Avocado Feta SalsaSue Mallick10.07
Avocado GuacamoleChef Niall Harbison 4.34
Avocado SaladHetal and Anuja3.58
Baba Ghanoush Eggplant saladMimi Cooks3.50
Bacon Chicken SaladBilly Parisi1.58
Bai-top Shell (Whelk) SaladPowerplantop3.40
Baked Chicken with Papaya SaladChef Kai4.15
Balsamic Dressing on a Tuscan Summer SaladRita Heikenfeld5.41
Barbecued beef saladChef Niall Harbison 4.48
Barley Vegetable and Fruit MedleySue Mallick9.48
Barley, Corn, and Pepper SaladSue Mallick9.31
BBQ Corn Beand SaladChef John3.02
Bean Salad RecipeRita Heikenfeld5.33
Bean Thread Noodles Spicy and Sour SaladTryThaiFood8.44
Beans and Rice SaladChef Bow7.59
Beef & Mango Salsa WrapsJanice and Liz3.48
Beef SaladThe Frugal Chef4.08
Beet Salad with Bev GannonHippy Gourmet6.41
Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin SeedsCookusinterruptus4.44
Beet Squash SaladeHow2.17
Bib Lettuce SaladChef Keith Snow3.14
Bison and Broccoli SaladChef MD3.32
Bistro SaladSimpleFoodie2.04
Black Bean and Corn SaladNikko and Tina3.13
Black Bean SaladThe BBQ Pit Boys10.38
Black bean SaladChef Sandy3.22

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