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Soups of the day!! - Soup Recipes Videos

Hot or cold, clear or thick, heavy or light, spicy or creamy; Soups are the perfect addition to any meal. With meat, chicken, fish or vegetable, pasta, rice or even fruits, there are no limits to the variety of tastes and smells of this delicious dish.Watch our easy2cook Soup recipes videos.

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Easy to cook : Soup,
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Video RecipesVideo byMin
A healthier version of PhoMichelle Koen7.30
African Peanut SoupSue Mallick7.45
Alphabet SoupMimi Cooks2.49
Amazing Chicken StockMichelle Koen7.13
Arhar Ki Dhaal - Lentil Soup RecipeSheba Fehmi9.59
Asian Chicken StockPowerplantop4.24
Asparagus Cream SoupChef Mary6.54
Asparagus creamy SoupIlovetocookalot6.18
Asparagus SoupJenny Cooks3.00
Authentic Bayou Country GumboBilly Parisi2.22
Bacon, Black Bean, Corn Chowder SoupChef John3.36
Baked Potato SoupTheVittleVlog3.33
Barley SoupRita Heikenfeld5.46
Bean and Bacon SoupNoreen's Kitchen8.49
Beef and Butternut Squash Chili SoupSue Mallick8.33
Beef Noodle SoupUKTVFoodChannel3.45
Beef Vegetable SoupThe Frugal Chef3.55
Beetroot Cream SoupChef Mary5.59
Beetroot SoupChef Mary4.42
Borscht ( Beet Soup)Hilah Cooking16.04
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBilly Parisi2.08
Broccoli Cheese SoupMyRecipesTV2.15
Broccoli Potato Cheddar Cheese SoupBetty's Kitchen10.00
Broccoli SoupVasantha Prasad5.27
Broccoli Soup with Cheddar CroutonsChef John4.55
Broccoli, Carrot and Chedder Soupkooktocook1.00
Butternut Pumpkin SoupOnePotChef3.21
Butternut Squash Chowder2MinuteChef2.05
Butternut Squash SoupChef Keith Snow5.25
Butternut Squash SoupKathy Maister2.31
Butternut Squash SoupBetty's Kitchen10.28
Butternut Squash SoupKosher.com3.34
Butternut Squash SoupLuci Lock2.48
Butternut squash soup with Scallops CookingHalal4.47
Cabbage and Anchovies SoupMaangchi5.50
Caldo Verde SoupSimpleFoodie2.14
Carrot Fire SoupChef Steve5.54
Cauliflower Cream SoupChef Mary7.32
Cauliflower Soup with Blue Cheese FrittersChef John5.20
Celeriac SoupIlovetocookalot5.14
Celery Chees SoupNicko's Kitchen4.16
Celery Stilton Cheese SoupLuci Lock5.40
Chard SoupSimpleFoodie1.41
Cheese SoupChef Jason Hill4.26
Cheesy Mixed Vegetable CasseroleBetty's Kitchen9.23
Chestnut Cream soup with Foie Gras (liver)Chef Mary6.56
Chicken Soup with Wild RiceMyRecipesTV2.59
Chicken (pho') noodle soupChef Kai4.41
Chicken and Corn SoupOnePotChef4.21
Chicken and Corn SoupTheVittleVlog2.34

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