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The best of the Sea - Seafood Recipes Videos

The most fancy foods delivered by the sea. It includes shellfish like mollusks and crustaceans .Seafood is an important source of protein in many diets around the world. In here you will find recipes for Shrimps, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Scallops, Clams, Oysters, Mussels and Squid.

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Video RecipesVideo byMin
Angel Noodle Salad - Korean FoodAeri's kitchen4.33
Avocado PrawnChef Mary5.10
Bacon and Shrimp SkewersThe Frugal Chef2.28
Bacon Wrapped Scallops2MinuteChef2.26
Bacon Wrapped ScallopsHolidaykitchen1.56
Bacon Wrapped ShrimpBeryl Stokes6.18
Bacondtuffed MusselsTheVittleVlog2.34
Bacon-Wrapped ScallopsChef Melissa7.48
bake tomatoes with crab meatChef Kai3.08
Bayou Seafood and Pasta BowlSouth Floridadines2.39
BBQ Shrimp With Crab Meat StuffingThe BBQ Pit Boys6.27
Beer Shrimp ScampiChefToddMohr3.25
Bella Cucina Zuppa di PesceSouth Floridadines1.54
Bengali Shrimp Curry (Chingri Malaikari)Hetal and Anuja6.52
Braised Mussels with Garlic and ThymeBilly Parisi2.28
Brewzzi Steamed MusselsSouth Floridadines2.23
Buffalo Shrimpkooktocook1.00
Butter Bean Prawn ScampiChef John5.48
Butter Lime ShrimpRob Barrett5.28
Buttered Prawn with egg flossChef Peter Pang6.42
Cajun Crab EtouffeeBeryl Stokes5.58
Cajun Langostino or Shrimp burgerRob Barrett4.43
Calamari with CheeseChef Egg2.39
Calamari with Tomato Sauce - Moroccan StyleChef Alia2.24
Caribbean grilled Shrimp and pineapple skewersHolidaykitchen2.47
Cauliflower cappuccino with OystersChef Mary7.43
Chardonnay and Grilled Littleneck ClamsHeather Johnston2.59
Chilli Crab (in Sauce)Chef Sanjay5.46
Chilli Lime Squid-OsNikko and Tina2.38
Chinese - shrimps Lo-meinChef Kai3.17
Chinese Squash with dried shrimpYeQiang8.07
Chinese Sweet And Sour ShrimpMichael Clark4.48
Chipotle ShrimpMichael Clark4.14
Chipotle Shrimp CocktailChef Keith Snow4.08
Chipotle Shrimp TacosThe Frugal Chef3.33
Cilantro Lemon ShrimpsChef Dede4.08
Cilantro Lime ShrimpChef Keith Snow7.43
Cioppino - A Spicy Fish StewChef John5.00
Cioppino - SeafoodBilly Parisi1.50
Clam & Mussel StewSouth Floridadines1.57
Clams Casino AppetizersChef John3.15
Classic CrabcakesIlovetocookalot3.45
Coconut & Shrimp fryChef Sanjay3.16
Coconut Curry MusselsKatie Stiles5.20
Coconut Milk ShrimpChef MD3.43
Coconut ShrimpBBQTV2.58
Coconut ShrimpThe Frugal Chef3.49
Coconut shrimp - Valentine's Day dinnerRob Barrett10.04
Coconut Shrimp BisqueChef John5.10
Coconut Shrimp with Peanut SauceChef Kai4.20

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