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Video RecipesMinCategoryCuisineRank
Veggie Relish Recipe4.52SaladMediterranean
007 Cocktail Drink Recipe1.13DrinksBritish Isles
12 Second Coleslaw1.41SaladOther Asian
5-Spice Carrots2.17VegetablesChinese
A Basic Hummus Recipe4.13SaucesMiddle Eastern
A Marinade for Grilled Flank Steak9.47MeatNorth America
A Perfect Bloody Mary0.43DrinksNorth America
A piece of ass cocktail drink recipe1.45DrinksNorth America
A Simple Meat Sauce3.20SaucesItalian
A simple recipe for hummus5.35SaucesMiddle Eastern
A Stuffed Potato0.59VegetablesNorth America
Absolute Sex Cocktail Drink Recipe1.29DrinksNorth America
Adios Mother Fucker Drink3.06DrinksMexican
Adobong Kangkong2.00VegetablesOther Asian
African Berber Rub1.00SaucesTropical
After Easter Cheddar Ham Casserole8.55OthersNorth America
After-Thanksgiving Turkey2.37ChickenNorth America
Aioli - Homemade Garlic Mayo3.51SaucesEuropean
Alabama Slammer Cocktail Drink2.45DrinksNorth America
All American Strawberry Clouds9.54DessertsNorth America
Allie's Tuna Salad3.38SaladEuropean
All-Purpose Seasoning1.00SaucesNorth America
Almond and Parsley Salsa Verde5.38SaucesLatin America
Almond Arugula Pesto2.15SaucesItalian
Almond butter sandwich1.03OthersNorth America
Almond Paste Pie Technique0.52PastryNorth America
Almond Pound Cake1.38CakesNorth America
Almond Saffron Milk3.52DrinksIndian
Almost Instant chicken Fajitas1.59ChickenMexican
Aloo Gobi Curry (cauliflower and potatoe curry)4.26VegetablesIndian
Alphabet Soup2.49SoupMiddle Eastern
Alpine Egg1.59CheeseEuropean
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Mixed Drink2.35DrinksItalian
Ambrosia - orange, honey and coconut dessert 2.07DessertsEuropean
America's Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich1.04OthersNorth America
Amlou - Moroccan Almond Dip with Argan Oil3.53SaucesMiddle Eastern
Ampalaya Salad4.03SaladOther Asian
An easy Cuban Recipe for Rice3.05RiceLatin America
Antioxidant Smoothie2.39DrinksNorth America
Aoili - Mayonnaise2.35SaucesEuropean
Apple and Honey Cake2.19CakesJewish
Apple Coffee Cake4.18CakesBritish Isles
Apple Fennel Cole Slaw1.38SaladNorth America
Apple Fennel Salad3.25SaladJewish
Apple Fries2.05DessertsNorth America
Apple Honey Shake0.54DrinksNorth America
Apple Pie Margarita 2 Cocktail Drink2.35DrinksNorth America
Apple Pie Margarita Cocktail Drink2.35DrinksNorth America
Apple Salad4.15SaladNorth America
Appletini Cocktail Drink Recipe3.09DrinksEuropean
Apricot Chicken3.07ChickenEuropean
Apricot Drink3.25DrinksMiddle Eastern
Apricot jam with vanilla4.42DessertsEuropean
Aquatini Cocktail Drink1.53DrinksNorth America
Arnold Palmer Cocktail Drink Recipe1.34DrinksNorth America
Artichoke and asparagus salad3.57SaladNorth America
Artichoke Dip0.58OthersNorth America
Artichokes8.27VegetablesNorth America
Arugula Salad1.00SaladMediterranean
Arugula Salad3.46SaladMediterranean
Arugula Salad with Tofu Dressing2.18SaladNorth America
Arugula, Bacon and Apple Salad3.33SaladNorth America
Asian Barbecue Sauce and Marinade2.50SaucesOther Asian
Asian Beef Spring Rolls1.56MeatOther Asian
Asian Cabbage Salad3.41SaladOther Asian
Asian Style Seared Tilapia2.21FishOther Asian
Asian Vegetables with Soy Sauce8.38VegetablesOther Asian
Asian-Veggie - BBQ Foil Pouch1.00VegetablesNorth America
Asparagus & Herb Omellet3.30OthersFrench
Asparagus Subzi4.34VegetablesIndian
Asparagus with Ham, Garlic and Lemon2.51VegetablesNorth America
Asparagus with Peanutty Hollandaise9.32VegetablesEuropean
Asparagus wrapped in bacon3.10VegetablesNorth America

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