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Ala Thel Dala -Tempered PotatosVegetablesSriLankaCooking
Beef Sorta VindalooMeatNikko and Tina
Bengali fish curry with auberginesFishCookingHalal
Cabbage Chana Dal SaladSaladManjulas kitchen
Channa Dal with veggiesVegetablesIlovetocookalot
Chicken VindalooChickenEatEastIndian
Citrus Marinated Mahi Mahi over Warm LentilsFishChef MD
Cracked Wheat (Daliya) KhichdiVegetablesHetal and Anuja
Cracked Wheat (Daliya) SaladSaladHetal and Anuja
Cucumber Dal (with Lentil)VegetablesChef Sanjay
Dal Makhani (lentil)VegetablesChef Sanjay
Dal Makhani RecipeVegetablesManjulas kitchen
Gongura PappauPastryChef Sanjay
Indian Dal & Lentil Burger WrapsVegetablesChef MD
Jangri - Sweet is made with urad dal DessertsChef Sanjay
Kandi Podi (toor dal spice rub)SaucesChef Sanjay
Lamb VindalooMeatChef Sanjay
Lauki Chana DalVegetablesManjulas kitchen
Mango DalVegetablesChef Sanjay
Masala Vada - channa dal crispy dumplingOthersChef Sanjay
Mixed DalVegetablesManjulas kitchen
Moong Dal - Lentil SoupSoupEatEastIndian
Moong Dal Dosa RecipePastryManjulas kitchen
Moong Dal pakodaVegetablesChef Sanjay
Moong Dal SoupSoupManjulas kitchen
Moong Dal with SpinachVegetablesManjulas kitchen
Mujaddara - Middle Eastern Rice with LentilRiceEasy2Cook.TV
Onion Masala DalVegetablesChef Sanjay
Parippu - Dal Curry part1SoupSriLankaCooking
Parippu - Dal Curry part2VegetablesSriLankaCooking
Pesarattu - Moong Dal dosa PancakesPastryChef Sanjay
Pork VindalooMeatMichael Clark
Seasoned Urad Dal - IndianOthersHetal and Anuja
Spinach and Lentil DalVegetablesChef Sanjay
Tadka DalVegetablesChef Sanjay
Tadka Dal FryVegetablesHetal and Anuja
Tender Tamrind Leaves DalVegetablesChef Sanjay
Thotakura Amaranthus with 4 dalsVegetablesChef Sanjay
Tindora and channadal masalaVegetablesChef Sanjay
Tomato dal - Indian lentil with tomatoesVegetablesChef Sanjay
Toor DalVegetablesManjulas kitchen
Urad Dal Ladoo sunnundalluDessertsChef Sanjay
Vada dal (fried lentil fritters)PastryIlovetocookalot

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