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Fish Pie Recipes

Fish pie is an English popular dish that goes back to the medieval times, and like many traditional dishes has spread to other cuisines and have many temporary variations. Fish pie recipe is usually made with a fresh or smoked white fish such as Cod, Haddock, Hake fish or Halibut; baked with béchamel or other white sauce, and often includes ingredients like hard boiled eggs (or Quail Eggs ), leek , peas and shrimps or Prawns. While the ancient version of the British fish pie included cooking the fish with wine and sugar and covering the pie with a pastry top, today's version of this dish is different and much healthier. Unlike most pies, the English fish pie recipes don’t include pie short crust or other pastry. Instead, they are baked with a topping of mashed potatoes and often with creamed cheese on top. The American version for fish pie recipe is completely different and is originated in the southern Cajun cuisine. The famous Craw fish pie is one of the primary dishes of the Acadiana - French Louisiana Cajun cuisine. The traditional Cajun craw fish pie recipe, is usually made with a pie crust, filled with crawfish tails, cream, Tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, celery and carrot with Creole seasoning. In here you will also find all kind of fish pie recipes, like the French puff pastry Salmon en croûte, with spinach and hollandaise sauce; the perfect salmon Quiche with leeks and cheese, personal Shrimps tarts - Middle Eastern style, and many other incredible Fish pie recipes. All the recipes are accompanied with an easy to cook step by step video tutorial, to help you learn the fast and easy way.

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