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British Isles cuisine - easy recipes

British Isles cuisine - easy cooking recipes

British Isles with specific reference to Scotland, Ireland and United Kingdom includes all manner of cooking around the world including romantic dinner menus, curries and sea foods. This cuisine draws its inspiration from the kitchens around the area and from settlers who populated the United Kingdom over the years. The famous dishes of this cuisine are fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, scones and many others.
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British Isles food cooking recipes. Reveal the wonders of world cuisine with chefs videos. Bring the tastes and smells of the world into your kitchen!

Easy British Isles recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
007 Cocktail Drink Recipe1.13EasyDrinks
Apple Bundt Cake4.34MediumCakes
Apple Cinnamon Granola Bread2.34MediumCakes
Apple Coffee Cake4.18EasyCakes
Apple crumble3.58MediumDesserts
Apple Dumplings3.34MediumDesserts
Apple Raisin Bread Pudding1.47MediumDesserts
Baked Apple Pudding with Crunchie Topping3.53MediumDesserts
Baked apples4.06MediumDesserts
Banana Bread3.33MediumCakes
Banana Bread6.27EasyCakes
Banana Bread5.23MediumPastry
Banana Bread (with walnuts and dates)4.16EasyCakes
Banana Bread Mini Loaves With Pine Nut1.00MediumPastry
Banana Bread with Chocolate Chunk5.03EasyCakes
Banana Cake with Carmel Icing8.49MediumCakes
Banana Cake With Icing1.00MediumCakes
Banana Cream Pie8.29MediumPie
Banana Nut Bread with Lemon Sugar Glaze10.06MediumCakes
Banana Pudding Cream Pie1.00MediumPie
Banana Sandwich1.00EasyOthers
Battenburgh cake9.56HardCakes
BBQ Chicken Wings and Potato Salad8.33MediumChicken
BBQ Chicken, Sausages and Rib eye Seak6.14MediumMeat
BBQ Steak Sandwich5.54MediumMeat
Beef and Yorkshire Pudding9.48HardMeat
Beef Wellington3.15MediumMeat
Beef Wellington4.22HardMeat
Beef with English mustard and Vegertables6.17MediumMeat
Boerewors Submarines8.42MediumOthers
Bourbon Chicken6.13MediumChicken
Bread & Butter Pudding5.20EasyDesserts
Bread & Butter pudding2.54MediumDesserts
Bread and Butter Pudding7.30MediumDesserts
Bread Pudding9.08MediumDesserts
Bread Pudding2.54MediumPastry
Bread Pudding with Carmel Sauce7.08MediumDesserts
Buttermilk Biscuits2.09MediumPastry
Butternut Squash & Chickpea Risotto1.40MediumRice
Celery Stilton Cheese Soup5.40MediumSoup
Cheddar Cheese Biscuits2.42MediumCheese
Cherry & Croissant Bread Pudding2.47HardDesserts
Chicken Diane4.51MediumChicken
Chicken, Mushroom, Garlic Casserole2.50MediumChicken
Chilli pork ribs - BBQ4.36MediumMeat
Chocolate Brownies6.47HardCakes
Chocolate Pear Pudding4.05MediumDesserts
Chocolate Pudding8.10MediumDesserts
Chocolate-Enhanced Banana Pudding Pie9.23MediumPie
Christmas Brussels Sprouts Recipe1.55MediumVegetables
Christmas Pancakes4.26EasyPastry
Christmas pomegranate cocktail2.12MediumDrinks
Christmas Pudding9.26MediumDesserts
Christmas Roast MArrow Recipe1.59MediumVegetables
Christmas Roast Parsnip Recipe2.04MediumVegetables
Christmas Turkey9.58MediumChicken
Chunky Cod with romano peppers and avocado7.34MediumFish
Classic Biscotti8.35MediumPastry
Classic Scottish Scones3.15MediumPastry
Classic Waldorf Salad8.52EasySalad
British Isles Cuisine recipes

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