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Chinese cuisine - easy recipes

Chinese cuisine - easy cooking recipes

The Chinese cuisine is one of the healthier cuisines in the world. It usually contains many vegetables along with beef, pork and seafood, and a stir-fried technique that uses short cooking on a high heat that retain most of the minerals and vitamins of the food. The special local ingredients and the preparation methods also make it a very cheap and low in calories cooking, and one of the most popular and loved cuisine ever.
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Chinese food cooking recipes. Reveal the wonders of world cuisine with chefs videos. Bring the tastes and smells of the world into your kitchen!

Easy Chinese recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
5-Spice Carrots2.17EasyVegetables
A healthier version of Pho7.30MediumSoup
American Chop Suey3.24MediumChicken
Asparagus with Onions & Peppers3.01MediumVegetables
Authentic Sichuan-style Ma Po Tofu10.00MediumOthers
Baby Bok Choy with Garlic, Ginger and Cashews3.19EasyVegetables
BBQ Pork and Wings1.00MediumMeat
beef and bok choy9.34MediumMeat
Beef fried Rice6.06MediumRice
Beef Lo mein4.00MediumMeat
Beef Noodle Soup3.45MediumSoup
Beef Stir Fry4.13EasyMeat
Beef Stir-Fry4.01EasyMeat
Bitter Melon and Anchovy9.09MediumOthers
Black Bean and Corn Wonton Cups8.48MediumPastry
Black bean Ribs Dim Sum3.39MediumMeat
Buttered Prawn with egg floss6.42MediumSeafood
Cashew Chicken3.34MediumChicken
Chai Cake9.51MediumCakes
Chai Tea Mini Biscuits5.35MediumPastry
Chicken and Corn Soup2.34MediumSoup
Chicken Chow Mein8.03MediumChicken
Chicken Fried Rice2.37MediumRice
Chicken Lo Mein17.58MediumChicken
Chicken Lo Mein3.01MediumChicken
Chicken Ma Po Tofu4.49MediumChicken
Chicken Mei Fun3.52MediumChicken
Chicken Stir Fry3.28MediumChicken
Chicken Stock (Indo-Chinese cooking)5.00MediumSoup
Chilli Chicken7.03MediumChicken
Chilli Crab (in Sauce)5.46MediumSeafood
China White Cocktail Drink Recipe1.34EasyDrinks
Chinese - Kung Pao Chicken5.36MediumChicken
Chinese - shrimps Lo-mein3.17MediumSeafood
Chinese - Vegetable Lo Mein4.14MediumVegetables
Chinese Baby-back Ribs7.22MediumMeat
Chinese Bake Hoisin Chicken5.10MediumChicken
Chinese barbecued pork6.58MediumMeat
Chinese BBQ Chicken4.32MediumChicken
Chinese BBQ Chicken Wings4.30EasyChicken
Chinese Beef with Snow Peas6.46MediumMeat
Chinese Broccoli Beef5.12MediumMeat
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce3.05EasyVegetables
Chinese Cashews Chicken3.37MediumChicken
Chinese Celery Salad2.17EasySalad
Chinese chicken fried rice4.43MediumRice
Chinese- chicken noodle soup6.37MediumSoup
Chinese Chicken Satay4.20MediumChicken
Chinese chicken soup4.22MediumSoup
Chinese Chicken Stir Fry5.51MediumChicken
Chinese chicken wings3.52MediumChicken
Chinese Chicken Wings5.25MediumChicken
Chinese Chili Sauce3.49EasySauces
Chinese Deep fried Wonton (pork)4.02HardPastry
Chinese Dim Sum3.34HardPastry
Chinese Eggrolls (chicken)4.51HardOthers
Chinese Fried Rice3.08MediumRice
Chinese Hot & Sour Fish6.32MediumFish
Chinese Lemon Chicken3.31MediumChicken
Chinese Pancakes6.52MediumPastry
Chinese Cuisine recipes

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