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European cuisine - easy recipes

European cuisine - easy cooking recipes

European cuisine is the basis of most western kitchens. Europe is full of great kitchens each one is unique in its products, flavors and methods of cooking and baking. East European and Scandinavian cuisines are influenced mainly by the cold weather and therefore includes many smoked foods, sausage and pork fat, fish and seafood, dumplings and pastries; beef and seafood casserole, very rich sauces and many calorie . Here is a selection of typical European style food recipes from Russia, Poland Germany Czech, Hungary, Rumania and more.
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European food cooking recipes. Reveal the wonders of world cuisine with chefs videos. Bring the tastes and smells of the world into your kitchen!

Easy European recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Aioli - Homemade Garlic Mayo3.51EasySauces
Allie's Tuna Salad3.38EasySalad
Almond Cakes5.07MediumCakes
Almond Cinnamon Crescent Rolls0.58MediumPastry
Alpine Egg1.59EasyCheese
Amazing Cheese Cake9.57MediumCakes
Ambrosia - orange, honey and coconut dessert 2.07EasyDesserts
An Easy Peach Berry Cobbler Recipe5.56MediumDesserts
Angel Food Cake9.41HardCakes
Aoili - Mayonnaise2.35EasySauces
Apple - Chestnut cake6.16MediumCakes
Apple - Cinnamon Cake7.04MediumCakes
Apple Pie part 14.58HardPie
Apple Pie part 24.37HardPie
Apple Streusel Muffins2.44MediumCakes
Apple tart fine with caramel ice cream1.08HardPie
Apple Tartlets and a Yuck Sauce6.11MediumPastry
Apple's Fritters6.19MediumDesserts
Appletini Cocktail Drink Recipe3.09EasyDrinks
Apricot Cheese Coffee Bread4.05MediumPastry
Apricot Chicken3.07EasyChicken
Apricot jam with vanilla4.42EasyDesserts
Artichoke Pesto14.53MediumSauces
Asparagus and Green Leaf Lettuce Salad2.36MediumSalad
Asparagus creamy Soup6.18MediumSoup
Asparagus Pie3.28MediumPie
Asparagus Soup3.00MediumSoup
Asparagus with Peanutty Hollandaise9.32EasyVegetables
Au Gratin Potatoes3.11MediumVegetables
Au Jus Beef Sauces1.03EasySauces
Avocado Prawn5.10MediumSeafood
Bacon Turnovers part16.41HardMeat
Bacon Turnovers part24.51HardMeat
Baked Apples1.55EasyDesserts
Baked Apples3.47EasyDesserts
Baked Pear Recipe2.30MediumDesserts
Baked Potato1.00EasyVegetables
Baked Potato Fans7.35MediumVegetables
Balsamic Vinaigrette3.31EasySauces
Banana fritters with sesame seeds with Gordon Ramsay1.10MediumDesserts
Banana Ice Cream4.34EasyDesserts
Banana Milk shake4.52EasyDrinks
Basic Marble Cake4.00MediumCakes
Basic Pie Crust Making9.59MediumPastry
Basic White Sauce2.57EasySauces
Beef and Beer Shepard's Pie1.00MediumPie
Beef and Mushrooms4.42MediumLarge pot
Beef Curry Crock Pot Stew1.00HardLarge pot
Beef Fillets in Mushroom Sauce3.49MediumMeat
Beef Goulash7.25MediumLarge pot
Beef in Tomatos12.37MediumMeat
Beef Stew8.11HardLarge pot
Beef Stroganoff5.48MediumMeat
Beef stroganoff5.37MediumMeat
Beef Stroganoff3.25HardMeat
Beef Stroganoff9.59MediumMeat
Beef Stroganoff on Healthy Helpings TV2.47MediumLarge pot
Beef Strogonaff2.27MediumMeat
Beef Wellington9.52HardMeat
Beef Wellington part16.36HardMeat
European Cuisine recipes

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