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Italian cuisine - easy recipes

Italian cuisine - easy cooking recipes

The Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines and recipes for Italian food are in great demand all over the world. Italian food is diverse and multi flavors, based on ancient traditions of the peoples who lived in Italy throughout history, divided by regions and influenced by its components seasons, climate and local tastes. In Italian cooking we can find traces of Arab cuisine, Mediterranean, Greek, Turkish, European (Slavic Normandy) and even an ancient Hebrew cooking. In different parts of Italy, we meet typical Italian dishes like Tuscan food, Neapolitan, Venetian, unique seasoning for the Provence, Sicily, and more. Leading Italian recipes are pasta, pizza, pastries, polenta and ice cream, with local ingredients like Italian wines and of course fine Italian cheeses like Parmesan and mozzarella.
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Italian food cooking recipes. Reveal the wonders of world cuisine with chefs videos. Bring the tastes and smells of the world into your kitchen!

Easy Italian recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Italian Vegetarian Penne Pasta7.21MediumPasta
3 pesto recipes7.26MediumSauces
A Simple Meat Sauce3.20EasySauces
Aglio e Olio Linguine9.09MediumPasta
Alfredo Sauce2.17MediumSauces
Alfredo Sauce15.19MediumSauces
Almond Arugula Pesto2.15EasySauces
Almond Biscotti5.46MediumPastry
Almond Butter and Berries2.24MediumOthers
Almond Champagne Cream Sauce1.33MediumSauces
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Mixed Drink2.35EasyDrinks
Amazing Gnocchi9.55MediumPasta
Asparagus and Garlic Aioli9.16MediumVegetables
Asparagus Risotto6.46MediumRice
Aubergine Meatballs5.57MediumMeat
Baccala - Chef Borruso5.31MediumFish
Bacon Panini Breads4.35EasyPastry
Bagel Pastrami Sandwich1.00EasyOthers
Baked Eggplant Parmesan6.37MediumVegetables
Baked Macaroni and Cheese9.45MediumPasta
Baked Manicotti2.13MediumPasta
Baked Meatball Sub2.13MediumMeat
Baked Penne Rigate9.52MediumPasta
Baked Ziti (Pasta)6.09EasyPasta
Balsamic Dressing on a Tuscan Summer Salad5.41MediumSalad
Balsamic Reduction1.48EasySauces
Balsamic Vinegar Glaze6.33MediumSauces
Banoffee Pie with Hot Banana Salsa2.04HardPie
Basic Crostini toast2.45EasyOthers
Basil & Tomato Infused Oil2.46EasySauces
Basil Aioli1.26EasySauces
Basil Pesto4.07MediumSauces
Basil Vinaigrette4.15MediumSauces
BBQ lasagna4.36MediumPasta
BBQ'd Pizza8.16MediumPastry
Bean Ragout3.52MediumVegetables
Beef Lasagne9.54MediumPasta
Beef Macaroni0.59MediumMeat
Beef Meat Sauce for Pasta4.48MediumSauces
Beef Osso Buco5.26MediumLarge pot
Beef Ragout Over Rigatoni9.13HardLarge pot
Beefy Italian Casserole9.53MediumPasta
Bell Peppers Masala4.28MediumVegetables
Bella Cucina Hand-Cut Ribeye1.56MediumMeat
Bella Cucina Zuppa di Pesce1.54HardSeafood
Bellini - Drink recipe1.57EasyDrinks
Best-Tasting Lasagna10.55MediumPasta
BIG Italian Beef Sandwich9.26EasyOthers
Black Pudding & Apple Ravioli2.09HardPasta
Bloody Caesar1.00EasyDrinks
Blue Willow Pasta9.22MediumPasta
Bolognese Meat Sauce12.02MediumSauces
Bolognese Sauce2.16HardSauces
Bowtie Pasta with veggies and cheese4.14MediumPasta
Braciolatini Beef10.32MediumMeat
Braised Short Rib Ragu8.22MediumLarge pot
Breaded Steak - Milanesa2.12MediumMeat
Breakfast Pizza7.01MediumPastry
Brewzzi Pizza Margarita from Scratch2.39MediumPastry
Italian Cuisine recipes

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