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Mediterranean cuisine - easy recipes

Mediterranean cuisine - easy cooking recipes

Mediterranean cuisine is a cuisine rich in local produce like olive oil, fish, vegetables and goat cheese, which developed over the years in the areas surrounding the The Aegean and Mediterranean seas. These cuisines affected each other, and their cooking is based on local produce that characterize these regions. Mediterranean cooking in various kitchens includes Greek, Turkish Spanish Portuguese, certain regions of France and Italy, and even Israeli cuisine. The building blocks of Mediterranean cuisine are olive oils, plenty of seafood and fish, beef and lamb, sheep and goat cheeses, and fresh vegetables typical of the region such as eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, leeks and more.
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Mediterranean food cooking recipes. Reveal the wonders of world cuisine with chefs videos. Bring the tastes and smells of the world into your kitchen!

Easy Mediterranean recipes
Video RecipesMinLevelCategoryRank
Veggie Relish Recipe4.52EasySalad
Artichoke stew - Agginares anapol4.24MediumVegetables
Arugula Salad3.46EasySalad
Arugula Salad1.00EasySalad
Aubergine Caviar1.14MediumVegetables
Aubergine Rolls Stuffed with Feta cheese5.17MediumVegetables
Aubergine's Caviar5.43MediumVegetables
Avocado and Goat Cheese Sandwiches5.07MediumOthers
Avocado and Seared Tuna Steak Salad6.02MediumSalad
Avocado appetizers and ginkgo nut skewers3.33EasySalad
Baba Ghanoush Recipe4.53MediumVegetables
Baked Aubergine - Eggplant 5.20MediumVegetables
BBQ Chicken Pizza and Greek style Pizza2.10MediumPastry
Beef and Olive Stew Greek Recipe4.48MediumMeat
Beef Stuffed Peppers5.02MediumMeat
Beet Squash Salad2.17EasySalad
Black Bean Salad10.38MediumSalad
Blood Orange Tapenade Citronette3.24EasySauces
Braised Lamb Shanks3.47MediumMeat
Bread and Butter Pickles2.29EasyOthers
Broccoli Pizza2.51MediumPastry
Bruschetta Chicken Bake3.24MediumChicken
Bulgur Salad with Cucumber and Feta2.06EasySalad
Burrata Cheese Bruschetta with Figs4.02EasyCheese
Cabbage Rolls7.38MediumVegetables
Cabbage Salad3.27MediumSalad
Calamari with Cheese2.39EasySeafood
Caprese Eggplant Salad10.50MediumSalad
Cauliflower cappuccino with Oysters7.43MediumSeafood
Cheese Stuffed Filo Pastry6.05MediumCheese
Cherry Tomato, Olive, Green Bean Salad1.39EasySalad
Chicken Brochettes8.00MediumChicken
Chicken Escalope6.55MediumChicken
Chicken Escalope Recipe6.55EasyChicken
Chicken Livers in erry Sauce2.14MediumChicken
Chicken Roulade7.49MediumChicken
Chicken Shawermah4.31MediumChicken
Chicken Stuffed with Goat Cheese3.09MediumChicken
Chicken stuffed with spinach and feta7.31MediumChicken
Chicken with Raisins and Almonds3.53MediumLarge pot
Chicken with Tomatoes, Olives, and Mushrooms10.02MediumChicken
Chicory-Apple Salad7.40EasySalad
chili, garlic and herb oil3.37EasySauces
Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Clusters4.38MediumDesserts
Chorizo Stuffed Dates1.33MediumMeat
Chorizo with Potatoes Fingers2.46EasyOthers
Churros Spanish Fried Pastry Snack5.45MediumPastry
Cinnamon Thyme Chicken4.01MediumChicken
Cocktails in Madrid - Sidecar and Floridita7.24EasyDrinks
Cold Cucumber Soup2.19EasySoup
Cooking Braised Chicken Tenders7.04EasyChicken
Cooking Early Spring Lamb6.13MediumMeat
Cool Mint Cucumber Soup5.24EasySoup
Corn And Feta Salad3.26EasySalad
Crab meat Stuffed Tomatoes4.41EasySeafood
Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Salad5.24EasySalad
Cream Cheesy Zucchini3.23EasyVegetables
Creamy Chicken with Roasted Poblanos1.46MediumChicken
Creamy Shrimp and Rice2.09MediumSeafood
Mediterranean Cuisine recipes

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