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Chicken video recipes
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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
American Chop Suey3.24MediumTheVittleVlog
Cashew Chicken3.34MediumChef Jean-Pierre
Chicken Chow Mein8.03MediumJamie Oliver
Chicken Lo Mein17.58MediumChris Toy
Chicken Lo Mein3.01MediumBilly Parisi
Chicken Ma Po Tofu4.49MediumMichelle Koen
Chicken Mei Fun3.52MediumChef Kai
Chicken Stir Fry3.28MediumChef Sandy
Chilli Chicken7.03MediumEatEastIndian
Chinese - Kung Pao Chicken5.36MediumChef Kai
Chinese Bake Hoisin Chicken5.10MediumChef Kai
Chinese BBQ Chicken4.32MediumMichael Clark
Chinese BBQ Chicken Wings4.30EasyChef Kai
Chinese Cashews Chicken3.37MediumChef Kai
Chinese Chicken Satay4.20MediumChef Kai
Chinese Chicken Stir Fry5.51MediumMichael Clark
Chinese Chicken Wings5.25MediumMichael Clark
Chinese chicken wings3.52MediumChef Kai
Chinese Lemon Chicken3.31MediumOnePotChef
Chinese Roast Chicken with Oyster Sauce4.54MediumChef Kai
Chinese Stir Fry Dish5.03MediumMimi Cooks
Chinese stir-fry chicken with eggplant4.56MediumChef Kai
Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken10.05HardMichael Clark
Chinese-black bean sauce chicken3.51MediumChef Kai
Chinese-Moo Goo Gai Pan (chicken with mushrooms)4.16MediumChef Kai
Crispy Fragrant Duck9.14HardIlovetocookalot
Diet Orange Soda Chicken8.18EasyHolababy - Ami
Duck Stew in Beer Sauce7.34MediumYeQiang
Easy Baked Chicken2.40EasyChef Kai
Five Seasons Wok Baked Whole Chicken6.09MediumChris Toy
Garlic, Fennel and Orange Grilled Chicken Thighs4.48MediumChef John
General Tso' Chicken6.20MediumChef Kai
General Tso's Chicken12.50MediumChef Dave
General Tso's Chicken9.41HardYeQiang
Glazed Duck5.46HardChef Don
Gong Bo Chicken6.54MediumChef Peter Pang
Grilled 5-Spice Chicken3.45MediumChef John
Honey Pecan Chicken7.40MediumSue Mallick
Honeyed Chinese Chicken Breasts3.22MediumChef MD
How to make KFC (The Chinese way)4.00MediumChef Kai
Kung Pao Chicken5.06MediumChef John
Kung Pao Chicken8.42HardChef Sanjay
Kung Pao chicken part 26.12HardYeQiang
Kung Pao Chicken Part16.33MediumWilliam
Kung Pao chicken Part17.56HardYeQiang
Kung Pao Chicken Part26.50MediumWilliam
Lemon Chicken5.14MediumChef Kai
One Lemon Chicken1.00Mediumkooktocook
Orange Chicken4.05MediumChef Jason Hill
Red Hot Chicken Drumsticks5.57MediumChef Kai
Roast Duck with Sticky Orange Sauce9.49HardIna Paarman Kitchen
Sweet Chicken Stir Fry4.43MediumChef Sandy
Three-cup Chicken Taiwanese Cooking10.00EasyYeQiang

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