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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Caramelized Apple Stuffed Chicken2.42MediumBilly Parisi
Chicken Breasts with Herbs De Provence and Mushroom Sauce5.50MediumChef John
Chicken Cordon Bleu6.32HardIlovetocookalot
Chicken Francese1.39MediumSouth Floridadines
Chicken Francese3.11HardSouth Floridadines
Chicken French5.08MediumChef John
Chicken in salt crust6.42MediumChef Mary
Chicken Supreme4.50MediumItsYourTurnToCook
Chicken Veronique7.19MediumLesley films
Coq Au Vin8.16MediumJenny Cooks
Coq Au Vin chicken with wine4.59MediumChef Merlin
Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu5.57MediumRob Barrett
Guinea fowl with lentil7.06MediumChef Mary
Herbed Chicken in Pastry3.24MediumHolidaykitchen
Kinda Ratatouille9.46MediumNikko and Tina
Low Fat Chicken Cordon Bleu3.22HardRob Barrett
Mustard and Almond Roasted Chicken4.04MediumChef MD

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