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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Almond Chicken3.35MediumEatEastIndian
Andhra Chicken Pulao5.43MediumChef Sanjay
Aromatic Curry and Spice Chicken9.58MediumSue Mallick
Badami Chicken5.36MediumChef Sanjay
Basic spicy Chicken pickle5.36MediumChef Sanjay
BBQ style Chicken Tikka4.01MediumPakistani Cooking
Butter Chicken5.58MediumNicko's Kitchen
Butter Chicken8.37MediumEatEastIndian
Butter Chicken9.47MediumChef Sanjay
Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)9.58MediumHetal and Anuja
Chennai chukka chicken5.37MediumChef Sanjay
Cherry Chicken and Sauce1.00Mediumkooktocook
Chicken 658.27MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken And Rice Recipes (Pilaf Rice)4.13MediumPeter Skuse
Chicken Biryani6.13Mediumilovetocookalot
Chicken Biryani8.26HardPakistani Cooking
Chicken Biryani7.12MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Curry6.40MediumHetal and Anuja
Chicken Curry8.04MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Curry4.13MediumTaste of the East
Chicken Curry - Malaysian Kurma1.00Mediumkooktocook
Chicken curry in the oven4.26MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Curry Recipe part12.57MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Curry Recipe part23.43MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Curry with Gorbanzo Beans6.57MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Curry with Spinach7.39MediumHetal and Anuja
Chicken Frankie - Katti Roll4.34MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Jalfrezi 5.53MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Jalfrezi - Chicken Curry8.42MediumChef Shaan
Chicken Kabob3.50EasyEatEastIndian
Chicken Karahi3.49MediumPakistani Cooking
Chicken Karai4.18EasyTaste of the East
Chicken Kebab Recipe5.30MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Kofta Curry8.19MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Korma7.01HardMichelle Koen
Chicken Korma5.36MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Kurma (in Coconut gravy) 7.13MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Lollipop9.13HardChef Sanjay
Chicken Masala curry5.09MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Masala Stew5.38MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Pakhi Biryani9.57MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Panang Curry2.05MediumSimpleFoodie
Chicken Parm5.01EasyHolababy - Ami
Chicken Pasanda7.55MediumHetal and Anuja
Chicken Pulao / Pilaf4.20MediumPakistani Cooking
Chicken Pullao5.46MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken Sheek Kabab9.50MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Shorva3.55MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Stew Recipe5.24MediumSheba Fehmi
Chicken tikka8.41MediumChef Sanjay
Chicken Tikka Masala7.34MediumMichael Clark
Chicken Tikka Masala5.29MediumTaste of the East
Chicken Tikka Masala5.28MediumCookusinterruptus
Chicken Tikka Masala4.06HardEatEastIndian
Chicken Tikka massala7.53MediumChef Mary

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