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Desserts video recipes
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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Banana's Fritters5.21MediumChef Mary
Berry French Toast Valentine Breakfast5.52MediumFalan Taylor
Bilberry Pancakes7.07MediumChef Mary
Borden's Magic French Fudge7.22MediumBetty's Kitchen
Bûche de Noël! - Part19.09HardDyannBakes
Bûche de Noël! - Part28.42HardDyannBakes
Charlotte with pears Part12.36MediumChef Mary
Charlotte with pears Part25.13MediumChef Mary
Chocolate Espresso Pots du Creme13.26HardChef Keith Snow
Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle4.10MediumChef Jean-Pierre
Chocolate Mocha Pot de Creme5.07EasyChef John
Chocolate Mousse3.59HardBilly Parisi
Chocolate Mousse7.02MediumPakistani Cooking
Chocolate Mousse Made Easy5.52EasyThinbosshogg
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries -Valentine's Day3.51EasyChef Melissa
Chocolate's Dessert4.55MediumChef Mary
Chocotate Mousse2.53MediumChef Don
Clafouti - baked custard with cherries5.44MediumIlovetocookalot
Coconut Chocolate Macaroons4.38HardThe Frugal Chef
Creme Brulee12.32HardChef Keith Snow
Creme Brulee5.14Medium2MinuteChef
Creme Brulee7.19MediumNicko's Kitchen
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Souffle2.35EasyKraftfoods
Dark Chocolate Truffles5.15MediumIlovetocookalot
Earl Grey Infused Truffles8.23HardSue Mallick
Fondant au chocolat5.37HardChef Mary
French Cherry Custard - Cherry Clafouti3.28MediumChef John
French Lemon Soufflé7.52MediumChef Alia
Ganache (chocolate and cream )2.58EasyChef Keith Snow
Homemade Chocolate Fudge9.53HardDyannBakes
Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream9.11MediumScott Hargrove
How to make Fudge8.05HardNicko's Kitchen
Lady Kook's Country Fudge1.00Mediumkooktocook
Lemon's Mousse5.22HardChef Mary
Mousse A Lemon9.20MediumScott Hargrove
Mousse au chocolat7.01MediumChef Mary
Peach Blackberry Flognarde2.46MediumChef John
Pecan Pralines1.24MediumMyRecipesTV
Rich Chocolate Mousse4.05EasyOnePotChef
Strawberries and Cream1.00Easykooktocook
Two Chocolates mousse7.14MediumChef Mary

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