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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Mixed
Bellini - Drink
Bloody Caesar1.00Easykooktocook
Chocolate Martini Cocktail Drink
Godfather Cocktail Drink
How to make an Apple
Lemonchello9.56EasyChef Bow
Orangechello7.20MediumChef Bow
Perfect Vodka Martini
Raw Italian Cream Soda2.13EasyLuci Lock
Ricotta Mochachino4.24MediumSue Mallick
Sangria Drink3.47EasyHilah Cooking
Sangria Drink3.45EasyChef Sanjay
Sangrita3.02EasyHilah Cooking
Tuscan Mule Cocktail2.02EasyHilah Cooking

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