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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Baked Salmon Mutard9.27EasyChef Brian
Broiled Salmon glazed with Mustard and Rice Vinegar2.16EasyChef John
Cod Fish served with asparagus and bechamel sauce7.27MediumChef Mary
Poached Salmon10.26MediumChef Keith Snow
Red mullet in Saffron sauce8.51MediumChef Mary
Salmon Dill Sauce5.30MediumChef Mary
Salmon in cream2.39EasyChef Mary
Salmon Scaloppini with Mustard Sauce4.14MediumChef Jean-Pierre
Salmon's Tartar5.23MediumChef Mary
Salt Cod Maître d'hôtel Sauce6.13MediumChef Mary
Snapper Grenobloise3.31MediumChef Jean-Pierre
Sole Meuniere with Asparagus5.35MediumJenny Cooks

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