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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Bento (Japanese Boxed Lunch)6.31HardCookingWithDog
Chawanmushi (Japanese Egg Custard Dish) 4.16HardCookingWithDog
Futomaki Sushi & California Roll  CookingWithDog
Inarizushi rice dumplings8.34HardCookingWithDog
Japan California Rolls6.23MediumChef Mary
Japan Maki8.50MediumChef Mary
Mapo Tofu5.55HardCookingWithDog
Ramen Sushi5.32HardChef Kai
Sushi - Cooking For Kids8.25HardChef Desireé
Sushi - shrimp Dragon Roll2.08MediumNikko and Tina
Sushi Balls with Accompaniments3.08MediumIna Paarman Kitchen
Sushi California Roll part15.24MediumChris Toy
Sushi California Roll part24.35MediumChris Toy
Sushi rolls - Japanese recipe4.59MediumUKTVFoodChannel
Tamago (Egg Sushi)5.55MediumHolababy - Ami
Temaki Sushi (Japanese Hand Roll Sushi)6.05HardCookingWithDog
Tofu Dango (Japanese Sweet Dumplings)3.03MediumCookingWithDog
Vegan Fried Tofu with Tentsuyu Sauce5.37MediumEveryDayDish
Vegan Oriental Shumai10.33HardEveryDayDish

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