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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Antipasta1.15EasyChef Egg
Avocado and Goat Cheese Sandwiches5.07MediumChef Kirk Leins
Bread and Butter Pickles2.29EasyFoodea
Chorizo with Potatoes Fingers2.46EasyChef Egg
Dolmades - stuffed grape leaves12.26MediumDiane Kochilas
Heart-healthy Quinoa Pilaf2.55MediumInsideBayArea
Marinated Olives Recipe6.20EasyRita Heikenfeld
Mufaletta - New Orleans style sandwich7.35EasyIlovetocookalot
Olive-Pecan Reception Finger Sandwich7.01EasyBetty's Kitchen
Original Tomato Bruschetta Recipe7.07EasyJulie Saitta
Pesto Caprese Sandwich4.44EasyMichael Clark
Pita Omelet Sandwich1.00Easykooktocook
Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce2.19EasyTheVittleVlog
Pork Souvlaki On Greek Pita0.58Mediumkooktocook
Spanish Omelet2.11MediumSimpleFoodie
Spanish omelette with garlic mayonnaise1.04MediumCookingHalal
Spinach, Blue Cheese, Pecan, Cranberry Wraps8.01MediumSue Mallick
Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe8.48HardChef Dede
Tapas in Spain5.46MediumHeather Johnston
Toasted Barley Pilaf with Squash4.58MediumChef MD
Tomato & Avocado Sandwich4.52EasyChef Keith Snow
Worms for Brains (Stuffed peppers with beef and pasta)3.11MediumSue Mallick

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Mediterranean recipes
Mediterranean Food
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