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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Apple Tarte Tatin6.54MediumJenny Cooks
Apricot pie6.47MediumChef Mary
Cottage Pie (Shepherd's Pie)7.40MediumChef Merlin
Easy Nut Pie2.06EasyAndre Prost
French Silk Pie4.16MediumBetty's Kitchen
Leek Tart5.25MediumChef Mary
Mini Peach Tarts3.59MediumChef John
Pear custard Tart6.21MediumChef Mary
Quiche Lorraine -Bacon and cream6.44MediumChef Mary
Salmon en croûte (pie)6.56HardCooksForCooks
Tarte Tartin10.12MediumJamie Oliver
Tarte Tatin - Apple Pie8.46HardIlovetocookalot
Tarte Tatin - French Apple Pie6.57HardChef Alia
Zucchini Pie6.18MediumChef Mary

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