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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Beef fried Rice6.06MediumChef Kai
Chicken Fried Rice2.37MediumTheVittleVlog
Chinese chicken fried rice4.43MediumChef Kai
Chinese Fried Rice3.08MediumChef Peter Pang
Chinese Rice Dumplings5.29HardYeQiang
Chinese Soft pork rice (congee)3.43MediumChef Kai
Chinese Style Egg Fried Rice4.49MediumPeter Skuse
Curry Fried Rice4.38MediumChef Kai
Easy Fried Rice3.02EasyChef Kai
Egg Fried Rice7.48MediumYeQiang
Fried Rice4.39EasyScott Hargrove
Fried Rice6.33MediumChef Kai
Fried Rice - like the Chinese Takeaway6.59EasyOnePotChef
Fried Rice with Bacon4.21MediumNicko's Kitchen
Fried Rice with BBQ pork7.28MediumYeQiang
Fried Rice with Shrimp7.49MediumYeQiang
Fried Yellow Noodles5.59MediumChef Peter Pang
How to make Frid Rice2.40MediumKathy Maister
How to make Shrimps fried rice4.29MediumChef Kai
Oven Cooked Green Tea Rice3.02EasySue Mallick
Rice Dumpling Chinese Cooking8.00HardYeQiang
Rice with Chinese sausage6.49MediumChef Kai
Shrimp Fried Rice6.24MediumItsYourTurnToCook
Special Fried Rice6.59MediumOnePotChef
Whole Grain Rice Porridge with Dried Dates5.33MediumYeQiang

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