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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Aloo Gobi - Potato Cauliflower curry5.18MediumIlovetocookalot
Baked Rice9.00MediumHetal and Anuja
Basmati Rice in 5 minutes6.15EasySheba Fehmi
Bombay Chicken Biryani6.34HardSheba Fehmi
Capsicum Masala Rice4.47MediumChef Sanjay
Chana Masala7.47MediumEconomy Bites
Chicken and Bacon Risotto5.06MediumOnePotChef
Chicken Biryani10.54MediumEatEastIndian
Chicken Biryani (Rice dish)9.39HardChef Sanjay
Chicken Fried Rice5.22EasyChef Sanjay
Coconut Rice4.34MediumHetal and Anuja
Coconut Rice5.30MediumChef Sanjay
Cumin Flavored Basmati Rice5.49MediumHetal and Anuja
Curd Rice with Yougurt 7.17MediumChef Sanjay
Curry Leaf Rice4.15MediumChef Sanjay
Daal Chawal - Lentil and Rice5.35MediumSheba Fehmi
Egg Biryani (Rice)9.50MediumChef Sanjay
Fish Biryani (with Rice)8.57HardChef Sanjay
Fried Yellow Rice5.30MediumManjulas kitchen
Jack Fruit Biryani4.16MediumChef Sanjay
Jarda Pulao - Sweet Rice4.52MediumChef Sanjay
Jeera rice3.38EasyChef Sanjay
Jemzeela Rice7.10MediumJemeela's Recipes
Khan Biryani9.54HardChef Sanjay
Lemon rice4.46MediumChef Sanjay
Lemon Rice5.27MediumHetal and Anuja
Lemon Rice Recipe5.40MediumManjulas kitchen
Lemon rice with peas and onions5.15MediumVasantha Prasad
Malabar Ghee Rice5.43MediumCookeryShow
Mango Rice7.45MediumChef Sanjay
Masala Khichadi - Indian Spiced Rice 6.40HardHetal and Anuja
Masala Rice!3.25EasyHetal and Anuja
Meethe Chawal aka Sweet Rice4.29MediumHetal and Anuja
Methi Pulao - Rice7.01MediumHetal and Anuja
Mix Vegetable Kitchidi8.18MediumChef Sanjay
Mung Daal Khichadi4.36MediumHetal and Anuja
Nasi goreng - Indonesian stir-fried Rice2.31HardCookingHalal
Navrattan Korma - Rice with Vegetarian Curry6.21MediumEatEastIndian
Nutty Rice2.46MediumSheba Fehmi
Perfect Basmati Rice2.18EasyHetal and Anuja
Pilau Rice4.30MediumTaste of the East
Poha - Indian Recipe5.59MediumHetal and Anuja
Poha - Indian Recipe5.59HardHetal and Anuja
Poha Upma4.27MediumChef Sanjay
Prawn Biryani6.08MediumUKTVFoodChannel
Prawn Biryani5.52MediumPakistani Cooking
Rice (Plain) Recipe4.26EasyManjulas kitchen
Rice and Saffron0.59Mediumkooktocook
Rice Biryani Masala-20089.57MediumChef Sanjay
Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)5.56MediumHetal and Anuja
Rice Pullao with Garbanzo Beans4.34MediumSheba Fehmi
Royal Rice6.28EasyIlovetocookalot
Saffron Rice3.08MediumThe Frugal Chef
Seasoned Onion Rice4.04MediumHetal and Anuja
Shahi Pulao - Caramel Rice 4.24EasyChef Sanjay

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