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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Authentic Rotel Cheese Dip2.31MediumBilly Parisi
Bean Dip5.11EasyChef Bow
Bean Dip6.26EasyThe Frugal Chef
Black Bean Corn Salsa2.42EasyTheVittleVlog
Black Bean Salsa - Healthy Food8.05MediumSue Mallick
Chef Jason Salsa Recipe8.49EasyBetty's Kitchen
Chipotle Mole3.52EasyChef MD
Chipotle Pepper Marinade Recipes1.42EasyChef Brian
Chunky Salsa5.07EasyHoffman Kitchen
Creamy Bean Dip1.06MediumSimpleFoodie
Easy Guacamole - Whipped!3.30EasyChef Caitlin
Fajita Marinade1.57MediumChef Jason Hill
Fish Taco White Sauce1.25EasyChef Jason Hill
Fresh salsa - Pico de gallo5.09MediumRob Barrett
Fresh salsa - Pico de gallo5.09EasyRob Barrett
Garlic Chili Olive Oil2.40EasyLuci Lock
great salsa8.54MediumChef Ken
Guacamole3.23EasyChef Don
Guacamole4.17EasyNoreen's Kitchen
Guacamole For One1.00Easykooktocook
Guacamole on fixmyrecipe2.41EasyBilly Parisi
Guacamole Recipe2.34MediumChef Jason Hill
Make Guacamole1.02EasyGoodHousekeeping
Making Guacamole9.09EasyNikko and Tina
Mexican 7-Layer Dip8.46MediumBetty's Kitchen
Mexican Meat and Cheese Dip4.07EasyBetty's Kitchen
Mexican Salsa6.34MediumMichael Clark
Mexican-Style Flavorful Bean Dip4.27EasyBetty's Kitchen
Mole Sauce9.53MediumThe Frugal Chef
Moquila Handmade Guacamole2.06EasySouth Floridadines
New Mexico style Guacamole8.49EasyChef Ken
Orange and Avocado Salsa4.13MediumFoodea
Raw Fresh Tomato Salsa3.03MediumLuci Lock
Red Enchilada Sauce4.45EasyThe Frugal Chef
Salsa6.31EasyHilah Cooking
Salsa Fresca2.37EasyIlovetocookalot
Salsa Recipe1.53EasyGoodHousekeeping
Salsa Recipe2.33EasyChef Jason Hill
Salsa Video Recipe2.32EasyChef Keith Snow
Santa Maria-Style Salsa3.10EasyChef John
South of the Border Guacamole Dip6.34EasyBetty's Kitchen
Spicy Guacamole2.20Easy2MinuteChef
Super Bowl of Guacamole6.01EasyHippy Gourmet
Tamale-Enchilada Sauce6.13EasyEveryDayDish
The Best Guacamole in Four Minutes4.08EasyBarbecueTricks
Tomato Salsa1.14EasyChef Niall Harbison
Tropical Mexican Salsa10.39MediumChef Cathlyn
Watermelon Salsa10.08MediumSue Mallick

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