Hot news! How to pep up Scrambled Eggs

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Scrambled eggs with toast is a timeless classic breakfast dish. I give mine a zing that most people don’t forget when they try it.

Don’t get me wrong – scrambled eggs with toast is delicious without any bells and whistles. It’s almost perfect. Add some salt, and a bit of pepper (white pepper for me!) and we have a triumphant breakfast.

But it can be made far, far better. Beyond brilliant.

I have two options to turn this great breakfast into an awesome breakfast.

1. Scrambled eggs sprinkled with oodles of garden-fresh chives

Especially in the Spring – chives add a wonderful dimension of flavor. A member of allium family, they are similar to onions and garlic, but with a much milder taste. ‘Onion on eggs’ might not sound appealing to you, but believe me, the mildness of the chives means the flavor is not overpowering. Instead, its skilfully complimentary.

I cut mine straight from the garden – grabbing a big handful – and then snip them directly onto the eggs when served (after giving them a quick rinse.) Note: I don’t add them to the eggs during cooking.

2. Scrambled eggs generously splashed with sriracha chilli sauce

Did you just think WTF? No, seriously. This is amazing. It’s a culinary slap in the face that leaves you with a broad smile and satisfied taste buds.

You have to give this a try. It’s simply delicious. There is something about the spiciness of the sriracha chilli and the flavor of the eggs that go so well together.

Of course, if you’re nervous then you can start with adding just a little sauce. If you’re like me, you will soon end up pouring half the bottle on the eggs.


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