Peas With Bacon Recipe

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Peas and bacon is a classic combination. Tried it yet? This dish works really well with the ‘big dinners’ – such as Christmas Lunch or Thanksgiving Dinner, if you dare to break convention!

I like to go with the heavily smoked, dry-cure bacon, although you can choose your own variety. If frugality is your thing, then did you know you can buy packs of ‘cooking bacon’ from the supermarket which costs a fraction of the price of the standard stuff?

Frozen peas work the best in my opinion. Although if you do choose to use fresh peas from the pods, why not try crafting some pea pod wine when you do?

This recipe is in Side dish from our collection of North America Vegetables. We think this recipe is Easy Difficulty to complete.

This video recipe is 1.01mins long.

Is this recipe Kosher? no

Source: Chef Niall Harbison

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